Tuesday, November 22, 2005

self portrait tuesday

This is my 4th entry for our Exploration of Identity project for Self Portrait Tuesday

I Am Vegan
because I think it's thoughtful.
It's a homage to connectedness.
It's a tribute to a strong body
that deserves whole and loving fuel.
My family deserves the
best version of me.
My planet deserves a
reciprocal relationship.
And I deserve to feel this goddamn good.

Special shout out to Maya for taking the picture, and to Lupe & Carmen who made me laugh as they tried to eat the cucumbers off my eyes.


kiki said...


acumamakiki said...

SO great!!!

HollyRhea said...

I like how glowy it is.

It makes me want a cucumber.

Anonymous said...

So cute. Love it! xoxo M

la vie en rose said...

love this pic.

Bethany said...

Great pic! You can almost hear the laughter.

Server Girl said...

i wish i could have enough "will" to be a vegan...it is too hard for me. I like meat :)....i love this pic of u...it is fun and cute!

madness rivera said...

I think it's easier than one might expect, if you feel the calling that is.

Michelle Fry said...

Here's a shout out to my fellow veg girls. I love this post.

andrea said...

funfunfun. yes, it make me want to eat some fresh veggies.

bettyboop said...

you are like a glowing veggie spirit floating over the OC.