Tuesday, November 15, 2005

self portrait tuesday

This is my third entry for the Exploration of Identity theme.

I Am Mami

This is what my children call me.
And I’ve been on a mission,
on watch, on call, on needles, on high
to hear them call me this with satisfaction and balance;
with confidence and security, with thoughtful compassion.
With love, of course, but they were born with that.
To hear it makes me kick over a mountain, to clear a way.
Allows me to SHATTER baggage and reinvent my own wheels.
When they call me this in their perfect tones,
it causes my eyes to close, weightlessly and charged.
Everything is alright.

This is what my husband calls me when he wants my face to flush.
When he’s at his softest with me.
When he’s letting me know I hold the keys to the Kingdome
even though, for him, there is no lock to my Queendome.
There’s not even a door when it comes to him
because he’s allowed to wander all through me.


Michelle Fry said...

Okay, is that your husband's arm that the Mami tattoo is on? Either way, he sounds so wonderful. Actually you both sound wonderful if that isn't too creepy stalkerish to say. And, if it sounds icky, I mean it as a great compliment.

acumamakiki said...

Wonderful. I love this series!! I sort of can't wait for Tuesday morning because I know there's going to be wonderful, insightful surprises. Yes, I'm a nerd!

Marigoldie said...

Jeez, woman. You've outdone yourself.

HollyRhea said...

love it

melanie said...

this gave me chills... what amazing power and meaning that one single word holds for you.

kiki said...

great spt, i really love the photo

madness rivera said...

Michelle, lord, that's MY hand. hahahaha. My husband actually has a matching "Papi" tattooed on his chest. And no, not icky at all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl. So sweet if felt like a kick to the gut. You're good that way.
xoxo- M

la vie en rose said...

beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Mami - one word that means the world to you - that is the most beautiful self portrait theme there is - thanks for sharing your soul with all of us.
Your children and Husband are very fortunate to have such an inspiring Mami...........

Trish said...

This is Wonderful! I love it!

andrea said...

digdigdigdigdig this. had to read it twice, I loved it so much.

and your writing skillz? you are where I want to be someday.

yolie said...

How funny, no, that that word leaves a ring in the air. An echo. Whenever I say it to my own Mami there's this pause, this nanosecond of a silence filled with so much weight and history. It makes a lump in my throat.

Bethany said...

You have such an exquisite way of expressing the most important things. I was speechless when I read your entry. Thank you.

madness rivera said...

Thank you everybody for you kind comments. I can't wait for Tuesdays either.

The SPT has been a great experience if only to examine who I feel I really am.

Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce it?

madness rivera said...

Very good question, actually. It's pronounced "mah-mee." Kinda like mommy.

Suse said...

This is so powerful. The image and your writing are just beautiful!

And I read this post immediately following the tornado post and was exhausted. This brought me back.

PS. Love the Fly Me to the Moon. I sing Blue Moon every night.