Monday, June 26, 2006

self portrait tuesday

Here's this week's entry for the ol' Self Portrait Challenge June Pop Art Theme. I found this picture while packing up all my shit for The Move. (P.S. MOVING SUCKS SO HARD. I have quite possibly thrown out more than I'm keeping because children are crap magnets.) Anyway, this photo is from 1982, when I was 14. I'm posing in my Esa outfit with my sun & chlorine bleached buzz-banged hair atop my killer beach cruiser that my exstep grandparents generously bought me as a gift. As gorgeous as it was, riding this bike was like pedaling a armed tank. As you can see, I was at the top of my thrift-store shopping game during this era. This picture was taken in front of the apartments where I lived in Santa Monica during high school. And on Saturday, I will be moving just a few blocks from this building.

The best part of moving is stumbling across old photos and funny old crap. Like this picture I found of Mina at about a year old. She is trying to hypnotize you with her gorgeous black eyes and her butternut squash goatee.

And this one of Maya at two years old already handling the rock like a toddling Dwayne Wade.
YEA! Look, I found the funny photobooth pictures of Mina that I thought I had lost. It had slipped behind my desk. How funny is this? She got to pick her own hairdo's including some blonde dreadlocked ponytails at the bottom there.

Then I found this: When I went to Paris this was one of my favorite souvenirs. You push the bottom and the Tour Eiffel gets all flaccid.

Then I found some of the photos I took in Paris. It seems I only took them of graffiti. The Arc de Triumph? The Mona Lisa? Naw -- how 'bout photos of some great doors with interesting spray paint to really capture a vacation? Here are only 2 of many, many.
Lavendar paint on centuries-old grey stone? Genius.


acumamakiki said...

Your graffiti photos are cool nonetheless. I love your old-school 80's look and I had to smack myself because I was suddenly under Mina's brown-eyed spell!
There is nothing that sucks worse than moving, yo and I'm sorry. But the upside is the purging and yes, little kids collect a lot of crap and it's cathartic to throw it out!
I'm very happy that you will be tele-working from your new digs ~ I know you and your family will be much happier with your peeps and away from the orange curtain!

athena said...

your post made me laugh silly--we're two of a kind too; whenever i'm in france i either take pics of doors or of the street art.

la vie en rose said...

i agree, moving really does suck. the packing, the unpacking...ugh!!! no fun. and you find things...and you loose things. during my last move i lost my wedding ring but found my portable space heater...i'm not sure there was an equal trade off there...

Heather said...

I think your door pic is nice. I always like a red door spiced up with a little graffiti.

Rebel Girl said...

all right Madness...ahem, on just which street was that photo on the cruiser taken?

ecm said...

I HATE moving! It's terrible. But this is such a great tribute to captures all the things you find. I'm always a distracted mess while packing.

lovegreendog said...

so true, moving stinks. the losing, finding, the stuff that turns up is crazy!
i love the phrase "crap magnet" that is priceless!

Irene said...

I'm moving too and I agree, it absolutely, totally, completely SUCKS!!!

great pictures...

Kathleen said...

awwww...good luck on your move! i will send good packing vibes your way.
it was nice to see some of the stuff you came acrosss...almost like we are all there packin' with ya!

: )

if we were all there, you wouldn't get anything done.

safe move.

Anonymous said...

I am cruising the SPC blogs as a treat for packing box #22 of who knows how many more. We move in two weeks. Sucks the big fat hairy one, indeeeeeed.

Happy and unsweaty-as-possible move.

Great pics.

Laume said...

Did you go to Santa Monica High School? My hubby did. Of course a long time before you. Because you're in your..... 30's? Early 40's - I have no idea. But hubby crossed over the half century mark a while ago, so obviously a long time before you.

And I love the baby hypnotic stare, and the doors. I took "tourist pics" when i was in Paris, but I also took lots of other things as well, that William thought were dumb things to take photos of, but we know better, don't we. I took a lot of photos of gargoyles.