Monday, August 15, 2005

Weird Dog People

They say that a dog can improve your health and lengthen your life. And that can certainly sound like a load -- until you get a dog. I didn't realize until a year ago that having a dog most definitely improves the quality of life if they don't, in fact, add a few years which I now firmly believe. When Husband and I decided we didn't want any more children -- that we didn't want to mess with the Perfection we had already created (see left) -- we got a dog; we got Lupe. Husband actually did not want a dog and certainly not a pug, a breed I've always loved. I've heard that some people think they are ugly, but I’m not sure what they're talking about.

Seriously, what do they mean?
Though this one seems to have an anus for a mouth . . .
What's up with that?

It's been a year since I just decided to bring home baby Lupe, whether Husband opposed it or not, as my birthday present to myself. I took her out in the middle of the night for potty runs and brought her to work with me. Took her to the vet. But guess who now claims to love Lupe the most? Husband. Who talks mad baby talk and gets on the floor and rolls around with Lupe and declares he's never loved a doggie as much as he loves Lupe? That's right; Husband.

About once a week I tell Husband, "I never thought I’d let a dog lick me on the lips."

Fyi, this is how Lupe got around the first few months of her life. The Mina Transport System.

So, if one pug can elevate our happiness and extend our lives and create random outbursts of goofy baby talk and cause us to wiggle our asses and put our hands up like paws and jump around like idiots, what is the most natural thing to do? That's right, get another pug. When we were informed that Lupe's mom and dad had another litter, well, of course we wanted one more living being in our 950 square foot apartment. And I realize Husband and I have crossed the line -- to weird dog people where we will soon be taking our dogs to strange Pug Events and buying them lots of humiliating dog outfits. But I’m most definitely ok with all of this, and I simply see this as an exercise in extending our lives.

Welcome baby Carmen De La Rosa!
(Lupe looks months younger already too.)

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Laume said...

I saw "Weird Dog People" and thought - Oh no! We can't be friend anymore! Because to my complete embarrassment, I've turned into a weird dog person. Kiss on the lips, little dog sling to carry her in, take her everywhere - it's humiliating, but true. But then I see, you too have become an outcast to normal people everywhere. Whew. And by the way, your pugs are adorable. Only to be out adorabled by my own - Rosita la Changa que Vuela - generally just called Rosie (by me) or Monkey (by hubby). You can see her sweet face here: