Friday, August 19, 2005

High School Reunion, Part Dos

When my mother went to her 10-year high school reunion, I was only 10 years old -- whoops, did we all just do the math? -- but I remember specifically her freaking out about what to wear. She was on a mission to prove that the Grenada Hills High bad ass had turned into one classy lady. She chose a white jump suit with rhinestones lining the zipper. AWESOME. A JUMPSUIT. WHITE. WITH BLING. It was 1977, but still a rockstar statement.


For the entire month of August, I have been stressing about what to wear to my reunion. I'm embarrassed to think so hard about it, but that's part of the dilemma; I want to wear something that looks great, but also looks like I'm not trying too hard. Mission not accomplished.

I am an expert on-line shopper. I blow on my fingers and dazzle others with my ability to buy perfect fitting clothes AND SHOES by looking at the 2x2 picture on the internet. It's a bizarre talent, a mystical touch from the gods. I bought a dress on line for the reunion that I thought would be Understated Elegance. It was a brownish-purple wrap-around dress, 3/4 sleeves. It was nice -- corporate hot, but a little stuffy. So, I decided to do some live shopping. The reason I took up on-line shopping is because if I go in person, I am no longer focused on the task at hand. I, all of the sudden, need damask cowboy boots or paten-leather bathrobes. I have no control. The internet allows me to focus and though there is quite a bit of surfing, it's not the same as the maddening bombardment of beautiful clothes and must-have shoes that swarm and circle around me in a hallucinogenic haze the instant I enter Nordstroms. Must. Have. (Fill in the blank.) But I braved my madness and went. I found a beautiful, black strapless silk dress with an A-line skirt. A little nicer than I anticipated on getting, but simple enough to downplay. There was, however, this bow with a stupid rhinestone ornament attached at the waist of the dress that I immediately razor-bladed off when I got home. That's a good way to to ruin a good dress; by adding rhinestones. This dress did not need such jazzing up. Though I was focused during dress shopping, I did not escape the pull of the shoe department. I mean, come on. And I bought the most gushy dusty light-blue wedge heels with a rounded toe to go with my dress. I was in love with myself in my new outfit. I can't wait to reveal to the Samo High class of 85 what a classy lady I've become.

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