Thursday, January 22, 2009


My first boss in this industry used to say, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person." That was a round-the-corner compliment she used to pay me when I worked ten-eleven hour days for her pregnant and with a toddler. I could do it all. I did do it all. I'm good at that. Nevertheless, I believe that sentiment. Busy people get on a roll, don't we? I'm all, gimme this, gimme that; I can do that too. What up, Stuff On List? I so got you.

Except then I forget to do other stuff like email friends back, and read blogs and actually blog. Not for nothing, but I'm trying to do a lot as of late. All in a big picture kind of way. I got that Three Year Plan thing put in motion; the plan that I wrote on the plane when I was shitting my pants in fear?

I do want to tell you guys that out of all the kids in Maya's middle school, she was voted Most Environmentally Friendly! Isn't that sick? I find that so impressive. In this conscientious time, in the this conscientious town? She's it!

Maya's building a rocket in science class right now. They're using all kinds of household materials: a soda bottle, a ping pong ball and something called a Toutalu. I asked Maya what a Toutalu was. She said, "That's what my teacher calls a paper towel tube 'cause when you're holding one you always want to put your mouth to it and yell, 'Tout-ta-too!'" I laughed hard over that one.

I really just wanted to say hi. And to announce (tout-a-lu!) that I was thinking of ya.


nec said...

Hi right back at you!

WootWoot! Go Maya!

You have taught her well :o) Tout-ta-too!!

Melinda said...

Thinking about you too, and waiting for March!

Rebel Girl said...


SUEB0B said...

That is great. I will always say "Toutalou" now when I finish a roll of paper towels.

Glad to hear you are doing well.

j-boo said...

ha ha ... so cute!
You rock, my dear!

Keep on with your greatness and busy days! It's always worth it down the road.

I <3 you and think you are amazing!

xoxoxo, Jinxi

PS - YAY, Maya!!

Marigoldie said...

Hi, and I'm glad this wasn't an "I'm taking a blogging break" post. That's what I thought from the title. I'm proud of Maya too. Awesome.

DJ said...

Maya's got her cool creds down already - way to go!

greenish gold said...