Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dreams & Halloween

Last night I dreamed that I was at a film documentary premier about a group of men who herded marlins in the ocean with chainsaws. The marlins had been attacking boats near a particular harbor and the group was hired to steer them clear of the boats, not in a general way, but just as they were attacking the boats. We watched footage of a great-sized marlin trying to overtake a small boat and then suddenly a wild-looking man was along side the huge fish with an arm over it, forcefully guiding it away with the buzz of the chainsaw. Most remarkably was that the man was nearly the size of the marlin. I was horrified at first because I thought they carved into the fish with the saw, but then I learned that it was just the sound and vibration of the chainsaw that did the trick. In the dream, I then had no opinion about it whatsoever. I went to the theater lobby to get refreshments. Husband had told me to buy five espressos. In the lobby, there was a model of a chainsaw that the herding crew used and I held it, noting that there was no handle; the men could only grip the thing from underneath. At the concession stand, Barack Obama was working behind the counter. We knew who he was. We were humbled and nervous about asking him for service. We did know though that he was a skilled barista; we knew he was known for whipping up a mean coffee. People ahead of me in line would say things like, "I hope this is the last time I'll ask you for a soda." "After this weekend, we never want to see you working at this stand again!" And I was thinking the same things. He would smile, but not acknowledge any talk of the pending presidency. He was only concentrating and working hard at the task at hand. As we stood in line, we ogled him with such reverence, praying we'd never seem working anything but as a president after this. When it was my turn, I said self consciously, "Five espressos, please." He brightened up, "Ah, yes, great choice." He asked me what great espresso I had had before. And I said, "I had some with an Italian family I know. And I have Turkish friends." It was a lie because I didn't want to disappoint him. And then he went about brewing up a special batch for my five espressos. He gave me the drinks and said, "Have a great weekend." And I said in a you-know-what-I-mean way, "No, YOU please have a great weekend."

So, now that I've met him, kind of, I'll feel that much more devastated if he doesn't win. But I'll believe what Rebel Girl says: He WILL win. We WILL celebrate, Tuesday and beyond.

Just one more thing about Barack and them . . .on Halloween night, our cool downstairs neighbors Travis & Nikki had a party. Halloween is Travis' birthday, which how cool is that? I baked some Dia del los Muertos treats -- you'll see below -- but for his birthday, I made these cupcakes we can believe in, cupcakes for change. I was channeling some democratic spirit carving out the fondant tops. It was trance-like.
Here was the tiny-skulled apple pie. What I don't reveal in the photos is that when I was taking the pie out of the oven, I scraped part of the upper crust on the top rack as I pulled it out. My kitchen is so small that my oven door doesn't open all the way and I have to angle the baking pan up and out to free the pie and I miscalculated the space this time. It crushed me. For a second. Then I was over it, kinda. What am I gonna do? It was still delicious and the scrape hardly went noticed, though you know I was eyeballing that shit at the party most of the night. Until a slice with the scrape was eaten, and the evidence was gone. Here's this year's Picado Pumpkin Pie. This is always fun to make.Maya's BD and Sanne drove in from Vegas to join us for trick o' treating. It's now almost a tradition that they come every other year. This is the second time and it was lots of fun. It's great having them around and Maya & Mina love to fawn over the two baby girls, RaeRae who is three and the new addition Gabriella, three months.

Here they are as a 90's dead prom couple.
Goth Fairy Maya and Dead Daddy.
Here's BD and his new lil monkey, Gabriella.
Trick o' Treaters, Witch Mina & Princess RaeRae. They're as close as any sisters.
Trick o' Treaters, Grandma Annie & Goth Maya. When a camera was around Maya was never out of character. It was awesome.
Papi and Witch Mina.After Trick O' Treating, we went down to Travis' party and had a blast, all of us. The kids and the adults, we held it down. We took over the dance floor, laughed hard. We tried on other people's wigs and hats.

I was the Mama Witch and here's Molly the Martian. Great paint job! At the end of the night the wig/hat came off and Husband was wearing Travis' meathead hat. This was taken just after someone had handed me a shot of Jagermeister (jesus) and I had flung the liquid over my shoulder into the outside patio as everyone watched while chanting drink, drink, drink. Funk that. I say Hell No to shots. I don't succumb to pressure on that tip.
Happy Halloween, my friends. It was a fun one.


Melinda said...

I believe in those cupcakes. Happy Halloween!

greenish gold said...

The cupcakes are awesome. The pies are awesome.

Everything = Awesome.

CWrites said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous time and the treats look deeelishh!!

Rebel Girl said...

hey, it's not that they won't try and steal it or take what they can with them when they do and burn the house down after they shut the door -- not that tehy're not already doing just that-- BUT we WILL win.

(psst: Check out Dissent for me as Frida...scroll down.)

Marigoldie said...

The cupcakes are amaaaaazing, but those little skulls in the pie crust are the coolest things I've ever seen.

Also I love that dream. It has the same feel of my own; I could easily imagine all those scenes.

SUEB0B said...

You are so awesome. All of the baked goods are so gorgeous.

Jinxi Boo said...

What a super duper fun post!

I ADORE your baking masterpieces! Holy popsicles! Those cupcakes are the most fantastic EVER!!!
And those pies ... woah, to die for!! Yummmmmmm!

You looked amazing on Halloween, as did your beautiful family and friends!

xoxoxo, Jinxi

**PS - I agree - Just say NO to shots (LOL)**

DJ said...

Those cupcakes are awesome - but I LOVE the apple pie!!!

Kathleen said...

Your cupcakes are AMAZING!

Obama won and Prop 2 passed (and in my state, greyhound racing was banned today). Very victorious, which feels GOOD. (I'm not used to feeling this good after elections!) The streets of Boston are alive! Everyone is celebrating!

It's too bad that the gay marriage bans seem to be passing in CA, AZ and FL, though.

Love your blog!

bazu said...

happy belated halloween! and... your cupcakes worked! WOOO!

madness rivera said...

Thanks friends for all the great comments! We did it!

Thanks New Friends, DJ & Kathleen. Good for MA regarding Prop 3! I'm bummed about Prop 8 though Arnold Schwarzenegger did say he'd veto the Prop because the Cali Supreme Court was who passed this in the first place. Let's hope. He can be so douchey on most stuff and cool about other stuff.

Karen said...

Congrats on Prop 2! Love the cupcakes!