Saturday, November 15, 2008

Close to the Vest & Potato Jackets

Twenty years ago, a writer friend told me that she never talked about a story she was working on; not a hint of the story line, characters, nothing. It dissipates it, she said. It's a piece of advice that I most vividly remember adopting immediately. An idea is a ball of energy, right, that floats between your mind, your heart, your pen, or however you express it. And to talk about it pin pricks the ball. It slowly deflates. The energy escapes.

And sometimes I feel that way about the blog. Like, when I get all excited to, let's say, sew aprons for a living, I feel sometimes I prematurely barf it up on the blog and the energy of what seemed like such a good idea in my mind dissipates and slips passed my determination and drive. But maybe I just want to do too many things, maybe I'm "desirous of everything at the same time" as my new favorite quote goes, and my ideas blow in and out like seasonal winds.


In any event, I'm holding my ball of energy close right now. I'm rolling it around in my hands close to the vest, stoking it, keeping it mainly to myself, and when it erupts then I'll think to share. It's not anything big, really. This is more of an experiment if anything. It's the ol' Do-Don't-Tell technique. I'm new to this.

In the meantime -- because I miss you -- here are some pictures from Molly's 2nd Annual Potato Jacket Night. She came up with the brilliant idea to bake a good number of potatoes, make a good variety of toppings, lay them all out and let friends and neighbors create their own potato master piece. Very fun and super yummy.

Baked potatoes and shredded rice cheese.Toppings, salad and sweet potato pie.Molly makes toppings.I made sweet potato pie. The nut topping made of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts was outrageous.


Rebel Girl said...


Marigoldie said...

I hope everyone respects the sweet potato pie. I remember when Kiki made me one for our going away dinner and I sneaked pieces into the Rockies game to offer SSB's friends. They were all like "uh thanks but no thanks." Stupid doctors!

Hold that ball o' energy close.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. That pie looks intense. Your life looks so fun! Is it?

j-boo said...

That looks like a delicious meal!!

Where do you find rice cheese?
I need some of that for sure!!

Hugs, Jinxi

madness rivera said...

Yes, Marigoldie! I personally prefer a sweet potato pie over pumpkin, and many others.

Y'know, I don't think it's ungracious to say that my life has dollops of fun. It's not ruled by fun. But amazing and demanding and nonstop and impactful and rich and tiring and layered and sometimes tough it is, 24hours a day. I'd take all this over simple fun, I think. But fun is fun. I like fun. And potato night was fun!

Hi Jinxi, Molly found the shredded rice cheese at Whole Foods though I haven't seen it before. I haven't really looked either, but it was pretty good. I'd use it again.

Rachel said...

It's totally okay to hold onto your ball of energy. Name it. Knit it a sweater.

Take care of it, Madness.