Saturday, April 21, 2007

Earth Day Birthday!

Tuesday is Mina's 8th birthday, but today we whooped it up with her friends. We threw a Taekwondo party with an Earth Day theme, and it was off-the-charts fun.

I love Mina's invitations.

This is my favorite part; girl eating carrot and apple.

I baked Earth cupcakes!

We figured the cupcakes would look better with some animal friends on top.

I colored the pig to look like our adopted, calico beauty, Ramona, who resides comfortably at the Northern Cali Farm Sanctuary. Same pose!

Check out Ramona's friends:

Putting the goodie bags together was a blast though it felt a tiny bit propagandous. Still an awesome bag. A friend from work asked me if for the party I was going to dress the children in orange jump suits, give them long pokers and make them pick up trash along the highway. It was a good idea, but I had already booked the Taekwondo studio.

Mina got to wear a special "birthday black belt" and lead her friends in a TKD class.

I think she's having a good time. Hard to tell.

How many black belts does it take to hang a piñata?

The piñata was Master N's idea and because sticks and baseball bats are for wussies, he also had Mina bust open the sweet, paper mache heart with a flying side kick. KI-YA!

Wish, baby, wish

Mina's crew


Rebel Girl said...

I'm inspired - as always.

Happy birthday Mina!

My little guy turns 5 next week - we'll be hanging at the LAT book fest - you?

Kathleen said...

oh girl. these are great photos!
and i LOVE THE CUPCAKES! hee...the little pigs on top of their little worlds almost made me cry.
(doesn't take much these days!)

you are a rockin' mama. your girls are so so so so lucky to be loved by you.

Nicole said...

this looks like the bestest birthday party ever!
the cupcakes are to die for. how fun!

i'm sure mina will remember her 8th birthday party forever... kudos!

Melinda said...

I am having these two thoughts simultaneously:

Dude, I want to crash that party!


Dude, does being a mom mean I'm supposed to know how to throw parties with themes? I can already feel the complex starting to form...

acumamakiki said...

Every time I come here I get all teary-eyed! Those cupcakes ROCK THE HOUSE. I mean dude, the frosting and all was perfect, but then the little animals? Seriously you are the mami extraordinaire. I love Mina's happy face and breaking the pinata TKD style is the best I've seen.
Happy birthday to your birthday girl who makes eight look great!

madness rivera said...

Thanks, my people. Throwing and going to the party was a blast. Wish you were there.

Rebel Rebel: I'm out of town on biz next weekend and will miss the book fest. Do you believe that? I miss you!

Melinda, uh, I would have themes for everything if I had the time and resources. "Hey kids, it's Guns & Roses Laundry Day!" Most of my own birthday and holiday parties have themes too. It's ridiculous.

By the by, Isa Chandra herself commented on my cupcakes in my Flickr (!) and posted one of the pics on her blog:

Emilie said...

congrats on the Isa love. congrats on a steller looking party and lovely lovely cupcakes. i too would theme my life if time and energy were boundless. rock it!

LeS said...

Yay! Earth Day Birthday Girl!!
Happy birthdasy for you too Mama :) I wanna kick a pinata now!

(p.s. having trouble getting info from my print lab...back to you soon soon soon)

Rennmaus said...

I am visiting your blog from time to time. I am from Germany. Thanks for the link to the farmsanctuary. What a great idea and great website. I will stroll around more on this website later. We have something like that too, in Austria. I hope that there will be more and more people who live so aware and respectful to nature as you and your familiy does. I think there is a big "greent thing" going on in the US. Finally - at least in some states /cities.

andrea said...


p.s. ava hijacked the comment joint so she could tell mina happy birthday

p.p.s the globe lover/collector in me is crazy about those cupcakes.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

What an ultra-cool birthday party! The photo of Ramona + the Earth cupcake & piggy is my fave. :o)

julie hasson said...

What beautiful cupcakes! And what an honor to have Ms. Isa feature them on her blog. Too cool!

So it's my birthday this weekend, and I know it's short notice, but I was wondering if you deliver? Damn, I guess I'll have to bake my own. It's just won't be the same ; )

You've got a great blog!

michelle/weaker vessel said...

LOVE. Awesomest party ever. Happy late b-day Mina Mina!