Monday, March 12, 2007

self portrait challenge

Hey, everybody, Epiphany Tiffany is back. And starring in a feature-length movie, an autobiography. And you know what else is back? The relentless epiphanies! This post is not only a self portrait entry for our friends with the fun March "Tools" theme, but this is also an EPIPHANY BULLETIN BOARD. Wootwoot.

I'll start:

* Hey, baking sucks. Not really. I love baking still, but the idea of it as a living grinds on me. Also, I'm not exactly sure why, but I've gained a few pounds and my sugar depression makes me a manic weep-a-zoid who posts dark blog entries that frighten my friends. SubEpiphany: Maybe try not to be SO desperate to leave the cubicle life. SubSubEpiphany: Cubicle life still sucks ass and I need to be rescued from it immediately.

*Any creative venture I do -- baking, bangles, painting -- is only a scenic route around my writing. I'm so bored with this epiphany that it is now my own version of Groundhog's Day. I mean DUH for fuck's sake. Hello, Epiphany Central? Help me because here's what I have to work out about My Writer Life: Writing is the only thing that takes total silence and my full, complete focus. E-ve-ry single thing else I can do while children climb on me and talk to me nonstop. With every thing else I can do two to three tasks at a time. So where are my blocks of vacuumous time? I'll expect something on that during the next round of epiphanies, thanks.

* I'm bringing Yoga back (yea). I had to give it another shot though I felt yoga was too good for me the first time around. I went to a studio that plays music during class. Not woowoo New Age music but hip hop and contemporary stuff. This may be a complete bastardization, I realize, but I love it. This version also is super athletic and it kicks my ass. Niz-amaste!

* There are a couple different ways to know you're having a good time. For example, you're at a party or you're away for the weekend and you're wrapped up in all the fun. You're thinking to yourself, "Holy shit, I'm having a good time right now"; you feel completely enveloped by it for the entire duration of the experience. Then there are times when you go to the park with your husband and your kids and you laze around there and maybe swing on the swings and maybe take your shoes off in the sand box, and then maybe you get watermelon BombPops from the ice cream truck which is still built like a rusty box and is still slathered in sticker images of every ice cream sold. And you sit on the curb and show your kids the best way to eat a popcycle which is to gnaw on it a little to create good slush and THEN eat that, but then you watch both your kids, at different times, accidentally launch their snow cones out of the sleeves right onto the pavement, and then maybe you discuss when the 5-second rule just can't apply, like if the snow cone had landed in an oil patch in the street. So, then you're riding bikes and scooters back from the park in the lazy-sun of late afternoon. The Locust Bean trees create a canopy shading your ride; they still shed melon-colored leaves and it softens the tread beneath you. And you look over at your daughter riding next to you and she's so beautiful & wide-eyed and the sun is sparkling all over her and you realize in that exact second that you are having the best time ever. You realize -again- that your life is perfect.

Ok, your turn. What's your epiphany of the week?


Maven said...

Oh my god. A), the portrait is perfect. B), I am here to be a witness re creative endeavors derailing you from the main creative endeavor, the one to which you should be devoting all of your side-gig energy. HELLO. I am bored with this one too; it's been the story of my adult life, and I love all the arting and crafting but I'd have a lot more singing gigs if I focused on that. C), my epiphany of the week involved reading all of my journal entries of the past year this morning and realizing that I am an idiot who does the same idiotic things over and over and over again and keeps getting the same results and then writing about it for future hard evidence of this idiocy. Sheeeesh.

LeS said...

Ok, mama madness - my epiphany is heavy but perfect. I have just gone through the first harrowing and searing ten days of what is hopefully a temporary break from my man (self imposed) and in my low moment today I pulled the following rune from my little velvet bag..."And yet what you regard as detours, inconveniences, disruptions, blockages and even failures will actually be rerouting opportunities, with union and reunion as the only abiding destination." Holy universe,it doesn't get more epiphinous than that (for me).

Thanks for the prompt and, as always, your beautiful and inspiring writing :)

acumamakiki said...

My epiphany this week is seeing my acupuncture practice with new eyes, realizing that I haven't been giving myself or the practice a fighting chance and despite my (dis)apparent belief, what I didn't think would transpire has.

I loved this post and your poster, especially the small print is inspired.

la vie en rose said...

this is so cool!...and i hope it was easy because i want to try it myself tonight...

Irene said...

love the poster, you look stunning as always.

my epiphany... making the decision to be a more playful, loving and patient mom.

Marigoldie said...

Niz-amaste! Just returned from vacation with epiphanies crammed in my suitcase. I guess the jist of it is "Get off your ass and do it."

tina said...

My epiphany: This part of your life, like all the others, will not be forever. Enjoy it for what it is an squeeze the most out of every second. I have an unfortunate tendency to see every phase as "the one that will never change" even though I, of all people should never doubt that the exact opposite is true.