Monday, February 05, 2007

Buddha in the House

Hey, this is Buddha, y'all*. Mina asked for "her" for Christmas; like, really pleaded because she understands things that the rest of us don't. Buddha showed up in her Christmas stocking because Santa's cool and open like that. Buddha has already been to second grade Show N Tell. Buddha and Mina kick it.

So, when Mina saw this, she PLEADED again and again, because no other house was good enough for her friend, Buddha -- who is nicknamed "Flower", if you didn't know. Mina spent the weekend decorating it. She got little wooden animals too because a Buddha house is not complete without a farm.
This is Buddha hangin out with her other best friend, Ramona The Pig.

I just held the hot-glue gun. Mina told me what to do.

The dog and sheep's side of house.

Cow grazing on a pink bush in the back.

This is Buddha's house. Respect it.
*This, in fact, is not Buddha, y'all, as one my brilliant readers pointed out. This is Kuanyin, y'all. I told Mina that I had mistakenly called the statue Buddha and that it is a girl just like she had said. Mina said, "Mmhm, I knew it. But Kuanyin's hard to say. I'll call her KuanKuan."


Jonathan K. Cohen said...

Have you been letting her loose on Max Müller's Sacred Books of the East again?

Rebel Girl said...

Love it. Made my otherwise bleech Monday. Mil gracias!

kristen said...

She is so amazing Madness, I love Buddha's house so much, especially the chicken.

Anonymous said...

it's not buddha. its actually looks more like kuanyin, the goddess of mercy.

madness rivera said...

SEE? Mina kept saying She, and I thought it was an aspect of Buddha. I should've asked Mina what the statue's name was. DANGIT.

Nessie Noodle said...

This is awesome, and I think that "Flower" is pleased having such a wonderful well thought out alter to sit.

girl least likely to said...

so awesome! i have been crushing on the bodhisattva of compassion myself lately. mina has excellent taste. :) and ramona is such a sweet touch!

Kathleen said...

between you and andrea, the cuteness factor with your children has hit an all high!
loved this post!

on the side...i ate a vanilla bean cupcake with some crazy yummy vanilla frosting (made by my friend) and thought of you.

Laume said...

That is so cute. I love Mina. She's got such a confident heart. This post reminds me of when William was about the same age and decided our Spring Alter needed to be decorated with our entire collection of toy turtles. I really didn't WANT the alter decorated with toy turtles. But how could I stop him, this sweet little thing lining up turtles while singing off key "the earth is our mother, we must take care of her". Perhaps it made sense, in a Terry Pratchett sort of way.

Laume said...

I meant "altar", not "alter". I'm so used to accidentally writing altared books when I should have said altered books, that I have trained myself too well not to use that second "a".
Just so you knows I knows the difference.