Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick Or King

Last year, I was the only employee that dressed for Halloween. Apparently, everyone took notes from an adult who doesn't give a shit and who truly loves to dress up because this year almost every single person dressed. Oh and our controller bribed them with prizes. If brokers are anything, it's competitive. Check us out.

You might notice a couple subtle alterations to my costume. Putting on the same costume after it has already worked so well is like putting on a great party dress again the morning after you passed out at someone's house. For me at least. So I updated Mother Nature; really turned it into a Degradation of Mother Nature costume. I stapled plastic bags and styrofoam cups to the sleeves. You'll notice the oil-spill diaper on the front. I smudged my face with soot and stapled an S.O.S. sign to my back. Nothing like busting my coworkers' balls on the eco-tip - AGAIN. Hey, do you see Nacho Libre with his motorized scooter? He was riding it around the office halls with his cape aflappin' yelling in a high-pitch squeal, "Nnnnaaccchhhooooooooooo . . . " Then he got a little froggy and challenged Darth to a saber/wrestling match. As you can see Darth kinda punked out.

Trick O' Treatin is still a blast for me. I love to see the kids so excited about it. I love that we're usually two of few parents that go in full costume. BD, Sanne & BabyR came out with us too since they are in town. We all tried to stick with a farm barn theme, but Husband and I got a little off track. BD & Sanne were cows. BabyR a chicken. Maya a farm girl and Mina a cat. Of course, I was Mother Nature, Degradation 2006 and Husband was the Burger King Guy. Maya said the group was actually The Full Circle. HA! P.S. I got Maya's entire farmer outfit at the Good Will for $15 which included these killer boots that have little zipped pockets at the top.

More pic's from the night:

Husband as BK Guy was definitely the hit of the night. He was like a celebrity roaming our jam-packed streets. Our neighborhood was like a carnival-rave it was so alive and crowded, and every few feet we heard, "BURGER KING GUY!" People randomly sung BK's praises or they told him their grievances. "I liked the old fries. From back in the day." "I'm a big fan of the spicy chicken fingers." From little kids to grown people, but he was the biggest hit with the teen crowd, the crowd that on Halloween night wants to stir some shit up. But around Husband they got a little goofy. A group of boys huddled around Husband as one shorter kid acted as the mouthpiece for his friends. He seemed high. He talked for about three minutes as everyone listened intently. He said, "I wasn't ever gonna go back to Burger King; there just had been so many changes. But then you came along and you're the only reason I went back." On and on, and Husband nodded silently like he had been doing all night. Then the kid said, "And that football commercial you did was so great . . ." And when Husband suddenly jumped into the Heisman pose, the entire group of boys yelled "HOORAY!" and pumped their fists. It was crazy funny.

This was a tense moment:

We're off to the big Dia del los Muertos celebration down in Olvera Street tonight. Hope to have more great pictures from there though it only takes me a MILLION HOURS to download them onto blogger. Viva la Celebracion!


Lynne said...

hey, i'm having a dia de los muertos party at school on friday. i'd love it if you share pics!
and i need to ask you a pug-related question, but i've misplaced your email address.

Marigoldie said...

SSB and I are DYING over the Burger King comments from the people. Hilaaaaarious!

acumamakiki said...

I love how you described your costume the next day....perfect! I also love that you make such a big deal out of Halloween. My girl loves the day more than life itself although I took the stodgy way and didn't wear a costume because I had to work that evening. I'm totally jealous of the festivities down at Olvera Street ~ it seems so fun.

Ward Jenkins said...

Oh man, that BK Guy costume is mad crazy! That's brilliant. I'ma hafta cop that for next year or something. And I'd totally do the silent thing, too.

Great pics from Halloween! Love to see what people go as.