Monday, October 30, 2006

Semana de los Muertos

I love Halloween and I super love Dia de los Muertos. We're gonna celebrate all week long. Here's the first entry of a series of photo essays coming this week.

Saturday we went to a Halloween party. Dudes, I'm Mother Nature. And Husband is the Burger King King. Kind of ironic, but still funny. Dancing around in the mask was especially funny. People really didn't know I was Mother Nature, but when I told them I'd follow with comments like, "Thanks for the degradation of me. Thanks for ruining me. Thanks a lot." I was really uplifting.

Yo, fear me. Or just give me a cross already.

I did this pose a lot, apparently. Is this what Mother Nature would do? I thought I was looking all heavenly powerful, but it looks more like complete surrender. And the King? Always funny. This did not get old to us.

How great is Tee's Whale Rider costume? So great. And MattyP came as a half-assed pimp. We renamed him Richie Rich. Pimps are so 1997.

The Rider and me. I was losing steam with my heavenlypowerful pose. Feh fuck it, one arm is enough.

Here's a group shot for good measure. That's a box of tissues in the back. The box says Blow Me.

Sunday we went to the Bower's Dia de los Muertos celebration. Here is the gorgeous group of dancers waiting to go on.

Mina's choice of face paint:

Maya's BD and Sanne came with us to the Bowers. They brought along this precious morsel, BabyR. So beautiful! We're one big familia, people. Mina calls BabyR her little sister too. No reason to stop her.

Wishing you a Happy Semana del los Muertos. Here's to honoring our dead and living our lives fully.


LeS said...

Esta vida es muy bueno, chica :)
(did I get that right?!)

Great pictures!

Marigoldie said...

Beautiful costume this year. What did your girls do for the dress up?

SUEB0B said...

Me and my friend Cece did a Dia de los Muertos for our church. The lobby was festooned with papel picado, zempasuchitles, skulls etc. We served pan de muerto and horchata for hospitality hour and we made an altar. It was all very fine.

Your celebrations sound like fuuuun.

Maven said...

Everything is so beautiful, especially you.

acumamakiki said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you and the king are HOT! I love your costume Madness, you look ravishing.
I also love the kleenex box (very clever) and those day of the dead skulls are incredible. Happy Halloweenie!!

Rebel Girl said...

que linda!

Sorry we couldn't be there with you this year - next year, yes?

My little Peter Pan says hello! So does my big one!

xoxo - la

bettyboop said...

you guys are killin' me-mother earth and burger king guy!!! what the f....k?!!! that is soooo opposite it's hysterical. did you make that dress??? very cool.
happy halloween!!!