Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Fun Does Not Stop

Mina gave this to me Thursday night:

I said, "Mina! That's great. You're in an art show."
She said, "I am?"
I looked at her. "That's what the invitation says. This one. The one you made?"
She said, "Oh yea."

According to Maya, Mina is in the art room every day. Maya says Mina is great at art, but we all know that. The art teacher entered one of Mina's paintings in the art show. The teacher was fond of this painting because when the other budding artists painted pictures of dolphins and birds and butterflies, Mina painted a picture of a bear's claw clinging to a log. Deep. And awesome! Which is what the ribbon says.

We appreciated the other art.

Maya, in the fleeting Santa hat, and her best friend Lola appreciating the art. Lola was a partcipant too. She said, "I lost. Like Mina." Lola isn't too familiar with The Bright Side. I said, "You guys didn't lose. Read the ribbon. You're awesome!"

Here's the first place winner. That's awesome too!

Here's what I found in the trash can of the bathroom. Mina is already bucking the institutional side of art. She doesn't need a fucking certificate telling her she's an artist, apparently. I said, "Baby, why did you throw that away?" She said, "I dunno." But I knew. I looked at her and winked. Yeah, baby. Fuck the man. And then she said, "Do you have any candy?"


acumamakiki said...

I love Mina's spirit. I also loved the pic of you and Mina. (=

Green Whale said...

The bear's claw clinging to the log gave me a shiver down the spine. How beautiful. Mina has more wisdom at six (not caring about the institutional side of art) than I have at almost thirty.

D, I missed you yesterday night.

Michelle Fry said...

Love the art and the individuality of your girls. I think your girls and Acumamakiki's daughter, A, are going to start a clothing line/art studio.

la vie en rose said...

Awesome! Gotta love Mina's spirit!

Marigoldie said...

HAY-ull yes.

andrea said...

I love it. I LOVE IT.

go mina-girl. do your thang.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can stick it to the man ... it's going to be Mina. Love her picture!! It's AWESOME!!
Do you have any candy? killed me. M

Gwen said...

Ha, ha. That's bad ass. Cracked me up.