Friday, September 02, 2005

On the cover of the New York Times today was a large -- too large -- photo of a dead man floating face down in the French Quarter waters. And I stared at it for five straight minutes. I put the paper down and I picked it back up, and though I think it's important to understand the levels of devastation that Katrina has wreaked, I could only think of, What of this man's family? Is this now his lasting memory?

And this sent me into a tailspin because the real question is Why Must People Suffer This Way? Why must a man perish -- one of the thousands -- in the throws of poverty; perish disastrously enough where his people must leave him behind, unable to transport him, no where to put him, no time to grieve him and they must send him floating with the rest, nameless and alone.

Why is there this kind of suffering? And can we alleviate any of it -- at all?

Here's a comprehensive list of charities and relief funds. Go Fug Yourself put it together.

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Anonymous said...

George Bush is doing the best he can and we should all rally around him during this terrible crisis.