Monday, February 16, 2009

Cycling = Compelling TV, and GOTRIbal

Do you think recording and watching every minute of the Tour de California is too much? Yea, me neither. Have you been watching too? Girl, did you see when Lance Armstrong's trial bike got stolen the night before the prologue and he's all, "There's only one of those in the world so you best not show it to anyone if you did steal it." And I was like, right?? And then Fabian Cancellara dropped out before Stage 1 after he smoked everyone in the prologue? He said he had a fever! And I'm all, What the--? And then Francisco Mancebo won Stage 1 after riding 108 miles in torrential rains. There was so much hard rain that UK cyclist Mark Cavendish was all, "I coulda stayed on the Isle of Man for this!" EL OH EL! And did you see what Floyd Landis was wearing? Nutz, right? Good, good drama -- if you enjoy four hours of cycling television, which is a given. Ppff. Seven more days to go, and I'm stoked!

Remember the bad-ass cycling twins from the great ATHLETE movie poster in the last post? The twins and I are practically BFF now. I told them I want to be the triplet because when I grow up, athletically, I want to be just like them even if I am about eight years older. Check out Kellie's website and if you're a tiny bit inspired by my athletic resurgence, this woman will put you over the moon. If you click on her training calendar to the right you'll say things to yourself like, "Ok, maybe I can go run those 2 miles . . ." Kellie also directed me to a site called GOTRIbal. This is a support-group site for any woman who has ever even thought about doing a triathlon. Even if you're just thinking about running your first 5k, this is a site of support, information and out-and-out love for female athletes around the country, from beginner to pretty elite from what I can see. When the most in-shape person you've ever seen is telling you that you that walking a 5K is an accomplishment, there is a safety there that makes it ok to believe it too. The cornerstone philosophy of the site is that the higher up the ladder you go as an athlete the more you're able to pay it forward to athletes who are behind you in experience and accomplishments. I can get behind that type of communal sharing and support any day of the week. I encourage all of you to spark up your inner athlete here too. Let me know when you do so we can link up on the site.

I posted this to my GOTRIbal page because I thought if Facebook can do stuff like this, then why not the athletes too. Some of it is stuff you already know. Some of this is on my Facebook. Well, here you go anyway:

25 Random Things About Me, Athletically

1. When I was thirteen, almost 30 years ago, I thought I'd be the first woman to play in the NBA. I missed that mark by a lot. But I did run a few playground courts in my day, up until I was pregnant with Mina.

2. In high school, I ditched school often to go play pick-up basketball at our neighborhood legendary court where pro's played off season.

3. Once, at these courts, I played three on three against Cynthia Cooper who was a star at USC back then. She was so gracious and encouraging as she kicked my butt all over the court.

4. I was on a spring board diving team in my teens. When I hit the board on a routine dive, I was so mind-fucked that I joined the swim team instead because I believed the two hour workouts would be easier. I was right.

5. I was inexplicably pretty good at the backstroke and very mediocre at everything else.

6. Though I did play one season of water polo on the boys high school team.

7. And I placed tenth for women in a Mile Open-Ocean Swim Competition many years ago. I couldn't believe I had (kinda) placed

8. I get all soft in the knees over college basketball (DUH!!), and March Madness is a sacred and cherished time in our house (Noooo . . .). I didn't go to college, which allows me to jump on any fan bandwagon I want during the tournament!

9. When I was nine, I had my picture in the local newspaper for being an all-star soccer goalie. The picture is of me diving for a ball in the mud, with a Dorothy Hamil haircut.

10. I've commuted on a bicycle my entire life, but December was the first time I ever rode a road bike.

11. And now I'm in love with cycling.

12. Deeply, deeply in love.

13. (You already know this one too) My commute bike is a black fixed-up hand-me-down Specialized named Loops. My road bike is a pristine white Cannondale Six named Whitey Heidi. My nine year old daughter named them both within seconds of looking at the bikes.

14. I love both bikes equally.

15. I'm not a very good runner, mentally or physically. I'm trying to break through that because I've been attracted to triathlons for 20 years. I've shied away from them because of the running.

16. I'm going to do my first triathlon this June.

17. I'm going to learn from the women at GOTRIbal how to get through and do well at the running part. I thank them, in advance.

18. I support my daughters 110% in anything they want to be involved, but I'm secretly thrilled that they are both natural and driven athletes.

19. Playing ball inside our house is not only ok, but encouraged.

20. My husband was ranked on the east coast tour in tennis when he was younger.

21. He has no patience to teach me tennis and frankly I have no patience to learn from him. Ha!

22. As early as five months ago, I was stuck in an emotional plateau regarding my fitness and my athletic ability and purpose. I questioned if staying fit was even worth it, worth anything, especially as I march on into my 40's. Then I rode a road bike.

23. Now, I'm on a mission.

24. Now, I train smarter than when I was a teen or in my 20's.

25. I've randomly met a handful of people in the last four months (and was directed the GOTRIbal site) who bring me more support athletically than I've ever had in my entire life, and I can only think that it is some divine intervention, some cosmic fate or quite possibly just a seasoned understanding that being an athlete has always been and will always be a big part of who I am. If I still can move it, then I need to move it. And move it as strongly as I possibly can.

Let me know if you do this list too. Beginner or pro, I'd love to hear what motivates you, or what you've done or what you will do. Or what you've always dreamed about doing. It starts with that, y'know.


Kellie said...

Holy Cr@* I was dying when I was reading your TdC write up. Seriously in tears. If you ever lived in the hood then you KNOW that Lance's bike is already in 50 parts and sold off! Girl, you are so HARD CORE. You make your triplet bad a$$ sisters so proud of you. Keep peddling strong and those '25 Random Things About You' - I am going right to GOTRIbal now and reading them so I can leave a message there too :) Oh, and I don't care how much older you are, you still look younger than us so we really don't like KIDDING! Your sister in arm...Kel

madness rivera said...

Uh, I'd buy one of those 50 parts. Just one tiny chain link! I want it. Just kidding, Lance. I'm mean, not kidding Lance. Come hunt me down for it! Please . . .

Anonymous said...

We've gotta do a tri together some day and have the time of our lives. You two can start partying and when I finish I'll join you. I love tris...I love what they do for me physically...I love what they do for me mentally...I love that you are doing one! Now get out there and RUN :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I am Kellie's (and Carries & Heather's) Step Monster - I love your blog. What a great attitude you have! You'll be in your first tri in no time!

madness rivera said...

Look everybody! I have a new stepmom now too. Hi.

Tanya said...

Hey girl! First of all, I'm so STOKED to read about your "25 things..." This blog is great. It's all YOU baby!
Second, we're gonna get you runnin like you NEVER knew you could...cause it's IN there, we just need to help you get IT OUT!
(I'll send u a personal note on this thru
lastly, I'm deeply stoked that you went and gushed about GOTRIbal. As we grow, and start looking for ways to impact more women around THE WORLD through this sport, I'm reminded how powerful this message is through your writing. THANK YOU.
When we're "big and famous" and millions of women are doing triathlon (and even bigger things in their lives!), then we'll look back on this post and say still, "Onward and upward!"
Keep on rockin,

madness rivera said...

Hi Tanya, Thanks for the comment! Yo, to me, your site is already big and famous! And you'll only go up from here.

And listen, I trust you on the running tip, and I really believe it can be pulled out. I'm putting myself in the hands of those more experienced.

Marigoldie said...

I'm not much of an athlete but I wonder if doing a 25 things like this would force me to consider certain things about my body's powers and great moments. A good idea, no?

And this is all so, so cool.

madness rivera said...

Absolutely, A. Fantastic idea. All of our bodies hold a lot of power no matter how we've put it to use. And I think you should get with the GOTRIbal crew too to help you through a 5K. Seriously.

cconz said...

i agree i LOVE my bike also!!! i got my light as a feather bike about 2 years ago. I'm in love. The only thing that stops me is Winters in IOWA. Can't wait to get back in the seat.

Kristin C. said...

You inspire me. I hope I can be a badass mama like you when I grow up!! I love your 25 Random Athletic list....I am working on mine and will share when I'm done. Thanks for being a superwoman and sharing your journey and also thanks for the hugs via comment :-)

DJ said...

Yup, I'd say you inspire me too. To try and be a positive role model for my daughter - and son! Your enthusiasm is infectious!!

Anonymous said...

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