Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A is for All Right

I got the Alphabet meme fever from Melinda and Maven. You can be tagged if you like.

Accent: We don't have accents in California. Do we? Except for an exaggerated Valley Girl which is, like, kind of addicting. When I'm nervous or mad I do get this little nyrican swivel to my voice which is kinda funny.

Booze: I don't drink on the reg, but when I go out I like dark rum and diet coke; my very favorite is Bacardi Añejo though most places do not carry that. I like a good mojito too. And Betsy and I once had these cucumber gimlets that were bananas. Three gulps and life was irresistible. When I first started going to salsa clubs, I used to have this drink served in an hour glass mug called a Havana Rocket which was made with -- I'm guessing -- lighter fluid and a Hawaiian Punch-OJ mix. I was doing splits on the dance floor half way through the first one.

Chore I Hate: Matching socks. What in the hell with socks, man. With a family of four, I have an entire basket of lone socks. The socks wait, like they are in a holding cell, to be reunited with their family. With each wash I wonder who will reappear. A couple always do. The pile of socks in the basket goes up, goes down. And Maya and I in particular have only about 3 pairs of socks in our rotation. Often when the girls leave for school, I can see them wearing different colored socks. Damn you, socks.

Dogs/Cats: Lupe & Carmen, the Sisters Pug! Though I would like a boy kitty. Don't tell Husband. I would name him TeaCake.

Essential electronics: Ok, what falls under this category? My juicer? My vibrator? My laptop for sure . . .and I'll take the juicer. The vibrator don't love me like it used to.

Favorite perfume/cologne: I don't like perfume. It smells chemically and metallic to me. However, I LOVE the smell of my Jason's vanilla body lotion on me. I also love the smell of an amber & sandalwood oil I used to wear until Husband told me he wasn't feeling it.

Gold/Silver: I am the only one of my friends that loves only gold. I love especially vintage gold and interesting rose gold. So gorgeous to me.

Hometown: Los Angeles.

Insomnia: Nope.

Job Title: Semiconductor Broker, yawn.

Kids: Two baby goddesses, Maya almost 11, Mina, 7.

Living Arrangements: 950sq foot 2bedroom apt with two adults, two baby goddesses, the Sisters Pug, and still we all tend to huddle together in the same room, often trying to occupy the same exact space. The other day, when I got home from work, I realized we were all talking as if in an actual huddle in the hall. The dogs were sitting on our feet. At night we all hang out on our queen-size bed, all six of us, reading, watching TV, talking, typing blogs. I love that about us. Husband says why don't we downsize to a studio and save some money.

Most Admired Trait: Go-With-The-Flowedness and Compassion.

Number of Sexual Partners: Enough.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Having babies and some mysterious operation I had as a kid. Apparently I yelled Mommy for half the night caged up in some metal crib. How sad is that?

Phobias: I get a random fear of flying now and again. It comes and goes. But when it comes, I spend half the time wondering if it's intuition or just the manic phobia. Mandy and I were just talking about this: I have a fear of just jumping off a high place. I don't think this is uncommon. If I'm near the edge of a cliff or looking over the edge of a tall building, I'm worried I'll either just purposely tilt off or I'll back up to get a running start and really fucking go for it. Sometimes I have to sit down in such situations.

Quote: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars . . ." Señor Whitman. And I got this from Michelle a while back: "I know how it will be when I die, my beauty will be so extraordinary that God will worship me. He will not worship me from a distance, for our minds will have wed, our souls will have flowed into each other. How to say this: God and I will forever cherish myself." - Rabia.

Religion: Naw. I've tried many on for size, sincerely: Explored. Asked questions. Studied. Joined. Left. Realized the absolute universalness of it all.

Siblings: None.

Time I usually wake up: 6:20am

Unusual talent: I can type on a keyboard that's missing the "U" key, like I'm doing now. I am buoyantly hopeful, endlessly and blindingly. Maven said this too, but I can make a meal out of anything in the cupboard. We called it making Loque, as in lo que hay en la cocina, whatever there is. I am a scraps gourmet.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel sprouts. As I kid I thought they tasted like poison because, y'know, I knew what poison tasted like. I haven't tried them since which I hear is a shame.

Worst habit: Daydreaming

X-rays: A few on my ankles thanks to endless hours of basketball.

Yummy foods I make: Rice & beans, tostones & avocados, big-ass beautiful salad with the drinkable dressing, vegan chocolate cupcakes.

Zodiac Sign: Virgo. I married a virgo. I know many virgos. I like virgos.


acumamakiki said...

Virgo sista hating brussel sprouts here too! I like this list and love to do em' and will borrow ~ great idea!!

Marigoldie said...

Love husband's studio apartment comment!

Maven said...

That's good readin'.

ESB said...

ha! hilarious list, fellow virgo...among other things, i share your socks woes...right now i'm wearing one black and one grey, as i type this (i have a huge drawer of about 40 socks, all singles).

Marigoldie said...

Remember Steven Wright's approach to matching his socks: He goes by texture.

la vie en rose said...

this is great!

me_hutch said...

that's a good list. i'm a virgo too and hate matching socks. i've been meaning to try my dad's method. he keeps a bowl of safety pins on his dresser... everytime he takes off his socks he pins them together and throws them in the hamper. then when he pulls them out of the dryer they're already matched! he's kinda a meticulous person. but just imagine, he's not wasting 2 years of his life matching socks! one day i'll buy a bunch of safety pins.

madness rivera said...

YO Hutch - brilliant and a very virgo thing to do. I feel for fingers with safety pins in the hands of my kids. This is what I'll end up pulling out of the wash: 2 socks and a barbie dress pinned together. Panties pinned to three different socks. A teeshirt and a dollar pinned . . .but I may try this nonetheless.

Green Whale said...

This is a good meme, isn't it? Wonderful post to read, as usual. And please, please, please give me the recipe for vegan chocolate cupcakes!

SUEB0B said...

The socks!! This was Mr. Staplers big issue with me. He blamed me personally. I tried to explain that nature abhors matched sox but he would not listen.