Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music Stuff and My Dog's a Sock Monkey with a Mohawk

I've been true to expanding my new-music game, and I realize I always get drawn to old music done new. So, I'm now in love with the Carolina Chocolate Dropswho I heard on my alternative radio station a few days ago. Their new CD is in the mail to me as I type. I couldn't decide which video to post. This one doesn't show off their fiddle skills, which melts me, but the singing is just gorgeous.

Here's the other band I just learned about, Slavic Soul Party! They're a Brooklyn-based "gypsy brass" band with a lil funky back beat. Man, I love me some gypsy music. I am easily slain by an accordion, it seems.

Diggin around the internet after Slavic Soul Party! I then stumbled across the What Cheer? Brigade which is a 19 piece brass band, also with Balkan roots but with a punk, New Orleans undertow. They're out of Rhode Island. So, so good.
I don't think anything lays me out like cultural folk with a modern twist.

Hey, here's my new, little, bitty pastel piece. I'm practicing on farmers market flowers. It didn't photograph too well, but you get the idea.
Oh, and our dogs either love their lives or hate it.


Lauren said...

Love Slavic Soul Party! They show up at a bar by my apartment sometimes, and it always makes for a good night. They can make even the most jaded Brooklyn hipsters crack a smile and bust a move.

Also love your painting. That's gorge.

madness rivera said...

Oh yay! Lauren. I was hoping one of my east coast friends had seen or heard of them. I'm sure that music is out of this world live. What Cheer? Brigade is coming to LA in July and I think I have to check them out. The club where they will play deserves an entire post. The bands that play there must be really quirky and talented or they get upstaged by the club itself. Will explain when I finish reading all the weird articles about it.

lagata said...

Love your painting, beautiful - and I am thinking your dogs love their lives! How nice to have a sock monkey for a friend - haha :o0

Not A Mountain said...

I've been listening to carolina chocolate drops on the philly station, and we had slavic soul party at the tattoo shop, but the girls and I have fallen in love with What Cheer? You are sending me off to work happy.

Lovely piece of art, too. xoxoxo

Marigoldie said...

They either love their life or hate it! Man, that's funny.

Glad to see your beautiful new painting -- such love, such detail.

Thanks for the new music tip. I saw Carolina Chocolate Drops in my friend's small club a few months ago, and they were so good. I'm gonna listen to your others now...

Marigoldie said...

Back to say DAMN, this just makes me want to move back to New Orleans. It is the sound of what I miss. is almost painful.

jagosaurus said...

I also love the painting. The sock monkey hat cracks me up.

Gonna go check out the music now.

Michelle said...

The pastel is adorable and the dog must be pretty happy because he's (he or she?) looks pretty well fed and sassy.