Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gimme a New Year With Soul

I'm gonna ask Mr. Billy Preston to bring in my new year because I want to do this dance every day of 2010. I can twine and jerk, yes I can.

Give it to me, Agent Double O Soul. (This clip is from a movie so I urge you to stop watching after 1:40. That just me.) Ok, sock it to me good, Double O.

Ug, that's too good.

I offer some emotional fodder for those of you who are feeling and needing other things for 2010. Commonly, we need similar things in a fresh year; change, letting go, renewal, love, hope, simplicity. We might need them at different times, but our themes, I imagine, intersect. This is why even when these aren't my particular themes for the year, I feel deeply for them. I feel your paths, friends. They are often my path too. This song below was a lifeline for me during my Adventist days -- my christian stint as it were -- when I was 17, 18, 19. This song saved me more than getting dunked did, though the entire experience was unbelievably worthwhile. This song was solely about surrender, for me, and I didn't know to who or what I was surrendering, but I just needed to lay down my troubles somewhere for a while. I appreciated the help, more so than any of the church members would ever know. This song was sung in my church very similarly to this version and I'd sit in the wood pew, alone; I'd slump down and cry my eyes out. (You'll notice in the video that two of the singers become overcome with emotion in the end). Back then, I needed so much. I needed help then, so much, I didn't know where to start or who to ask, and this song let me set it all afloat, for a little time at least. On me, suffocating me, it was too much, but drifting away, it seemed more manageable. Though I don't subscribe to fundamentalism now, I'm still all for giving in to something bigger.

Needing change is a big new year theme. I don't feel this personally this year, but usually change comes anyway. This song is for you needing it. It's hard to beat Sam Cooke's version, but my girl Lauren stabs me. I miss her, but I honor however singing conventionally tortures her. She's done plenty for me in her short career.

My themes this year are about simplicity; the soulful renewal of all things simple. It's also about giving more. I figure I have to work on that one, every year, until it's all given away. Oh and I'm gonna work on my running game; maybe tighten up my music game.

As a good faith downpayment for my tightened music game, I offer the amazing Bebe and Siempre Me QuedarĂ¡ (I'll Always Keep)

Happy New Year, my friends. Here's to socking it to ourselves this year.


Madame One Tree said...

Mr. Double O was mashing the hell out of those potatoes. Although I am no longer involved in mainstream religion, I feel the emotion charged voices of those words sung by those 3 women. I agree with you about Sam Cookes version and Bebe...what a beautiful,husky voice. You have truly picked out a soulful way to enter in.

May your New Year be exceptionally blessed and bright.

Maven said...

Oh holy crap, that double O soul.

You know I wish nothing but the good for you, in the new year and always.

DJ said...

All the best for 2010, may you have all that you wish for! And may you remain my guide and reminder to trust my growing girl and her changing needs and instincts. Happy New Year!

Lauren said...

That dance, WHOA! That's off the hook. Thank you for that.

And a very wonderful new year to you and the family!

Marigoldie said...

Love it! You don't see much of that version of Billy Preston -- I'm used to the fro'd 70s version, which I also love a lot. Dig it!

Did you watch "Before the Music Dies"? I think I liked it. Good statement about art and money.

Thank you for the super sweet and generous shout out. I'm one of those who needs change this year. I'm gonna get it too!

Love to Cali!

madness rivera said...

Thanks, friends. Happy New Year!

I love that version of BP too! So gorgeous. Usually, I only think of BP as the "organ player" or "the preacher." On YouTube there is another phenom clip of an 11 year old BP singing and piano playing with Nat King Cole. It's amazing. I didn't see the film. I actually got this clip from a friend who was offering a very stiff friend of ours $100 if he'd do this dance. haha. Oh and the change? Gowan and get it, sister.

kristen said...

thank you, and happy new year. xo

lagata said...

What an awesome collection of thoughts and music :o)

Wishing you aubundant blessings in 2010! Dance the year away girl!


Molly said...

I watched Mr. Double O yesterday, and I came back for another dose today. That fills ya up!

Thanks for a great celebration last night complete with Danette's World Famous Beans n' Rice AND lots of zig-zagging eagles.

2010 is going to be a nice one, I gander... feels a lot like 2009 to me, and that's a good thing...