Friday, September 11, 2009

Me Like Daughters

Only two things are certain right now: School and Writing.

1. School has started. And this means a rigid schedule is back in effect and it's putting the screws to everyone. Holy shit, it's tight! We've been very graceful about it considering because we've pumped up the Start of School for weeks. Maya's a high schooler! This is huge and wow is she good at it already. She's so responsible and getting in her groove. She’s equal parts maturity and goofiness. So great. Mina's a fifth grader! This is also huge because she's ruling school this year. She's the big cheese. I did not tell you guys that I received her state test scores in the mail a couple weeks ago. We all know the Infamous Second Grade Debacle, how she was tagged as remedial and "not cut out for school" and I, shocked beyond belief, was all, the fuck she ain't and you just don't understand her is all! and I'll take matters in my own hands thank you very little . . .For fourth grade Mina tested advanced in math and just shy of advanced in language arts. It was her best year yet. I rubbed the test paper all over her when she came home. We sang “You did it! You did it!” for days. She was thrilled with herself.

So, anyway, school . . .it's all consuming. Riding their asses is exhausting. Keeping them engaged, very tiring. But seeing them rocket on their own has been transformative for me. You hope it will all pay off but really you can't think about it too much, you just have to do it no matter how it will turn out. They'll still have to make decisions on their own. But honestly, they really are amazing people.

2. Writing. I'm writing so a bunch of other balls have dropped. I get obsessed and then whoa, I wonder if plants need water to live and if so, why haven't they figured out how to do that on their own? Or is toast a legit dinner? I like it. But is it good for everyone else? It's not like I'm at the computer 10 hours a day writing this novel. It's more that I'm thinking about it 10 hours a day so tasks that require, oh, remembering stuff or too much cognitive awareness is challenging. Some of the things I'm still able to do while I'm internally piecing together a plot are: cleaning/laundry, walking the dogs, cracking a homework whip, uh, let's see what else, working (it's robotic work anyhow), buying food at the grocery store though haphazardly because the meal-plan side of my brain is a little soft right now, working out. That might be about it. Everything else is shot.

My blog writing is kind of shitty too today. I should've just written Me Like Daughters and called it a day. Bear with me. I'm sorting it all out. Just wanted to say hi.


3pieceonline said...

Boy do I understand Child Genius is a Senior and her name says it all and Boy Wonder is a 5th grader and his name says it all with respect to any ball he wants to pick up right now it's Basketball and Baseball. I just want to make stuff but they NEEEEED me. Stay Focused.


Rebel Girl said...



cook beans and rice



nola said...

Your daughters are so lucky you're their mom and so are their teachers! You're the kind of pipe dream of a parent I only sometimes encountered as a teacher in California. Good job to you all!

madness rivera said...

Thanks 3piece, and lord don't I know it.

Hi Lisa. On it!

Thanks Nola. I just want to say thanks for the work you do. Seriously. With both girls, I only had that one teacher who didn't believe in them, but all the others have been fantastic. I can't thank them enough for what they do. I gush all over them during the year and after, so I will to you too.

Marigoldie said...

Love that you rubbed the test scores all over Mina -- that's just awesome. And a body could do worse than toast (in the skillet, with tomatoes and avo, drizzled in olive oil?) for dinner. Keep writing.

Ingrid said...

I always enjoy your writing and you style.

Angela said...

That is super super awesome about Mina. I remember reading about "that year" way back then. If I were you, I'd send a copy of that testing to that dumbass teacher. But I'm spiteful like that.

Both of your girls sound incredible and you are such an inspiration to me as a mother (I've got 3 girls). Thanks for sharing your life with strangers like me and keeping us both entertained and invigorated!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you rubbed that test score sheet all over Mina, THAT was an awesome good feeling!!! Good job Madness, GOOD JOB!!

You write your heart out!!! If they want more than toast than I bet they start making it themselves!!! You GO girl!!


j-boo said...

Yay for the girls adjusting to the new year so well. They are such incredible kids with such an amazing mom!!

I'm so happy to hear about your writing and hope you know that you have lots of fans that LOVE to read everything you put down!!

Sending hugs your way.
xoxoxo, Jinxi

PS - thanks for the love on my farm critter tattoos. Mike and I have a few more planned to add to the leg (hooray)! =)

nec said...

Brava Mina!!

As Maya starts HS, my baby is leaving... sorry to say, it doesn't get easier but it certainly is a joy to watch him grow into himself and mature. He is LOVING his humanities class and is the president of HERO. So cool to have conversations with him about his dreams, ideas, and inspirations.

I am soooo glad that you are comitted to your novel, I just can't wait to read it!

You Rock!

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

even just pulling it all together? you always inspire me, truly.

Jonathan K. Cohen said...

As always, Madness, the degree to which you have your life together, and the degree to which you help your children pull their lives together, are little short of astounding.

I admire you, and wish, from afar, that I could conduct my life with anywhere near your intensity and integrity.

madness rivera said...

Thanks Jonathan and DGMGV.

LeS said...

"Riding their asses is exhausting. Keeping them engaged, very tiring. But seeing them rocket on their own has been transformative for me."

ah, sister, it is all right in there :)

Anonymous said...

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