Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de Growing Food

I wanted to show you this:What?? I'm made things grow from the ground. Food is budding! I don't understand it, but I'll take it, gratefully. The carrots were a bust and yes, the eggplant didn't feel like coming out of the ground either. But look at this beauty. This may or may not turn into a green pepper at a later date.First tomato babies:I got a little baby Kaffir Lime tree. The stacked double leaves are the thing; ground up, they make a Thai-inspired dish magical.And here's the big sister dwarf Meyer Lemon tree. Can't wait for this to mature more.I'm mesmerized by the zucchini leaves.
I think there's Grow Food Fever going around, which is the best of all recent sickness. In the alley behind our apartment there are a circle of pots next to a carport. Food is growing inside of them. There are long-ass tomatoes, swiss chard, chili pepper (?) and strawberries. The pot arrangement looks junky until you walk up to it. Then your heart melts. Empty wine bottles line the concrete wall behind the plants, left for the recycle collectors, and the garbage smells and the asphalt is potholed in crumbling formation, but when I hover over the tiny alley farm witnessing a neighbor's efforts and how they put it on public display to root on the tiny plants, I feel a large sense of triumph. The pots all but scream, Isn't this a good idea? This is about the best form of food advocacy as any.

Except for maybe this which I saw when I walked the dogs down the alley next to Mina's elementary school the other day:Who are these people smart and cool enough to plant alley farms and hop a fence to graffiti Grow Food in perfect beet colors? I love them.

So anyway, I've been watching every minute of the Tour de France. It's so good and riveting; drama filled and yes, I'm drunk on Lance Armstrong's drive, but every time I open my mouth to talk about the Tour de France with people who are not watching, which is everybody, I'm embarrassed. The majority of eyes glaze over as I try to explain a Stage 3 crosswind attack -- I mean, it was brilliant! -- but still, who the fuck cares. But I so want to talk about it!! I have to restrain myself. Husband pretty much cuts me off and says, "Who's winning?" Yea but-- You can't just -- UUGG. This much restraint is cruel on me.

Grow Food!


Michael B. said...

Re: The Tour, I'm so jealous! This is our first year without cable and it just doesn't feel like July around here. I hear ya on the tourspeak, the tactics are so hard to explain and why the person in the #1 spot isn't necessarily in the lead, etc. Poor Tess used to have to explain to her friends, nah we don't watch football/basketball, we watch CYCLING! Amazing sport... :D

Rozmin said...

Love it! This growing edible stuff is exciting, even when it doesn't work like I thought it would. My tomatoes are doing AWESOME (I thought they would never grow, they took so long to sprout). My lettuce randomly died. It was green and leafy and gorgeous, and then next day, dead. It was sad, but such a complete mystery that I still felt cheerful about the whole thing.

I don't know any biking terminology, but it is exciting to watch those guys whiz by! :-)

Maven said...

Girl, you woulda died in Italy. Right next to the place we stayed in Riomaggiore, the people living there had trained zucchini to grow on an overhead trellis, and had giant tomatoes, basil, and lemon trees, on a TINY yard. Every single yard was exactly like that.

nola said...

Carrots sometimes just take a lot of time and then they'll make their appearance - but if not, they can overwinter, too, so you'll get your carrots.

Love love love the food graffiti!

Marigoldie said...

I agree that carrots are hard to grow, but that's as much as I know. The garden's looking amazing! How guilty I feel to move back into my house just in time for harvest. My tenant did a lovely job and I've got heirloom tomatoes, green peppers, purple snap peas and plenty of basil so far; we'll see what else comes of it. I see a few yellow squash out there getting big too. I'm giving most of it to her since she planted it, but I often come home to find a small bounty on my backporch in one of her artful pieces of pottery. Nothing better.

Have you and your girls gone to see Food, Inc. yet? Dying to read your review.

Madame One Tree said...

Mz. M. I get so excited when I see things growing from something I planted, so I know that you are feeling happy achievement all over yourself. (smile!) Everything looks wonderful. I saved a handful of tomatoes from the squirrel mafia that lives here and I feel like Rambo. It really is guerrilla around here.

Lyn said...

Ok I admit that I am clueless about tourspeak, or cycletalk. I apoligize because I know how frustrating it is to be busting at the seams to talk in enthusiastic tones to people who are deaf to your energy about the subject. Hugs in empathy!!
BUT but but I do have to say that after years of reading your blog I have been INSPIRED by you in a huge way....I have been ON A BIKE!!! Riding 2 miles a day. Inspired by you, you beautiful wonderful zany creature that gives such inspiration to be true to who you are!!!
I have not been on a bike in 30 plus years. But I got on a bike a couple of months ago and did a 5 mile bike ride and FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER again. I am however riding a boys bike. my butt has just just just barely built up enough callouses to not let me cry when I get on. My husband was apalled. APALLED! but I bravely chug on 2 miles a day on the boys bike with my son and I am loving every second. Your brave song is what I sing in my head when I load up the bikes every day. Thank you thank you thankyou!


I have a patio garden too!!! yay to you!!

madness rivera said...

Oh Michael, I wish you were watching it too. Hey, check out versus.com. I think they have a live feed. Then we can geek speak together. Stage 12 tomorrow, into the Alps, which is when the real drama should begin. He's gonna win it, you know.

Hi Roz! Thanks for your garden's update. I'm very sad for your lettuce.

Maven, man, that sounds dreamy. Can't wait to hear all your travel tales.

Ah man, Nola, you're a few days too late on the sage carrot advice. I used the soil for my kaffir lime tree. And I'm so telling you if carrots pop up next to the tree.

Marigoldie, I love every word written about your house. Fe true. About Food Inc. I know it's fantastic, but I'm not rushing to see it. I speak with people who see it, and I'm all, I know, I KNOW! The film is clicking on a light in folks when other messages didn't. Kinda how Inconvenient Truth did. Thank god.

M.One Tree - squirrel mafia! hahaha. Squirrels are suspect. Did you ever see the Dave Chappel bit (long time ago) where he confronts a squirrel eating an egg mcmuffin in central park? so funny.

OH! Pixielyn! What a fantastic comment. Ohmygosh, I'm very moved and honored by it. I'm so glad you're on a bike. Seriously, there's no better feeling is there? Pure freedom. I'm sure your son loves that kind of time with you too. Ride On, mama!

nec said...

Oh your garden looks lovely! And I love, love, love the grow food graffiti :o)

Can't wait until you can sample some of your goods and tell us about the tastes - Yum!

Madame One Tree said...

MzM: I've never seen the Dave Chappell piece, but maybe I could tube it. Those little rascals drive me crazy.

DJ said...

Oh, to grow lemons! *wistful sigh* Mind you, I did get one single solitary olive on my olive tree last year despite the godawful Scottish weather. Sticking to sensible rhubarb and potatoes and peas over here. So, you're a TDF geek? Who knew... ;P

cinnamonstreet said...

I LOVE YOUR RED SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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