Friday, May 22, 2009

And Yet More Kid Goodness Leading into Memorial Day

This year, every fourth grade class at Mina's elementary school was given a musical to practice and perform. One class was given the Sound of Music; another Oliver. Mina's class was given Hairspray. For weeks, they practiced diligently. Maya and Mina had already seen the current version of the movie at least five times (I did make them watch the old one once) and so each song was practically committed to memory already. Hearing Good Morning Baltimore BELTED by Mina, with accompaniment and quite often bogarting by Maya, was joyful and grating. After fifteen times at a single sitting, I was tearful in my utter resignation and nearly hallucinating. The tolerance of noise that a parent can bare is award-winning. Though I gotta tell you, it was all worth it come play time. Mina played a smaller role, but lord if she wasn't the cutest thing ever up there. Other mothers would disagree. WHATEV. (Notice Mina's man, FB behind her. Mina said, "It looks like we're holding hands here.")Man! Did she have fun, and the all the kids were just great. Here are a few beaming, post-musical shots.

Mina and proud sister. You might remember FN, the class cut up, from Mina's party. He played Tracy's dad in the play, and he sung his heart out. He was awesome! Here's Maya's Crew supporting Mina; AW on the left, El on the right. Can I talk about how beautiful Maya is? I obviously don't mean just outwardly. She'll be fourteen on Monday. 14! And next year, she's starting high school. Which is strange because I was just asking Betsy, "Weren't we in high school, like, just last week?" Maya really is one of the best people I know. She's so responsible and hard working and caring. I couldn't be prouder of her. I love this picture. Today Maya's animal rights group is holding a bake sale right after school. I hardly did any of the baking. Of what we're contributing, Maya baked the majority of the stuff and she did such a great job. The group will hand over the money earned to the teacher who has allowed the group to use her room for meetings. This teacher volunteers at a Boxer Rescue and all the money will go towards food and care for the dogs. Maya thought it best to thank the teacher by helping her organization. This is what I'm talking about: Fair and thoughtful!

Maya's English class is now reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm rereading it along with her so we can geek out about the book together. I recommend rereading classics when you're older because wow! what a spectacular piece of writing that is. I had a sharp and open mind when I was young, but there is something about savoring art more deeply, more dimensionally when you're older. When you're young, or when I was young, I wanted to be Scout so badly. Maya wants to be Scout. And now, I want to be Atticus. The shift to loving Atticus is just as profound as the love I personally once had for Scout. It really is like reading it for the first time. So, it's been fun diving into plot and undertones of the book with Maya. Scout's innocent sense of what's right, the race issues, Atticus' unflappable sense of fairness are all big topics at which we grind away. Seeing Maya's mind dig deep is a pleasurable kick in the gut. She is amazing.

Stay tuned for Maya's big 1-4 birthday post.
Happy Weekend and Memorial Day, mi gente.


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Michael B. said...

Speaking of Kid Lit, well actually young adult lit, you and Maya might want to check out Tess' current favorite book, Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher. It's no To Kill a Mockingbird, for sure, but it really touched Tess. It deals with race and prejudice and jerks and understanding everyone,(even the jerks) Then, the fact that it touched her so much, made me feel like, 'damn, I must have done something right.' I, too, couldn't be prouder. And I told her so;)
Disclaimer: the book does contain a fair amount of cursing, and the N word, but it is part of the story and portrayed in an appropriate way, I think. Not at all glamorized.

Anonymous said...

I love you writing, as usual. Such delicious flavor. My younger reminds me so much of Scout..such spunk! I wouldn't be surprised to see her rolling along in a tire...

nec said...

Great Job Mina!

Happy Birthday Maya! Welcome to High School :o) Your Mami has trained you well, I'm glad you are out there protecting those who need protecting - both the 2 and 4 legged friends :o)

I know exactly what you mean when you say "weren't we just in high school"? I feel the same way! My youngest will be a senior this next school year - WOW :o)

madness rivera said...

Hil, you're lil one reminds me of Scout too!

Thanks for the recommendation Michael. I told Maya and she's gonna search the library for the book.

A senior! Awesome Nec. And thanks for your great and kind comments.

Anonymous said...

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