Monday, April 20, 2009

Bullet Points Are Efficient

* Spring break just passed for the kids which is a head-scratching 2 weeks long. I've been a slave to Mina, basically. Let's face facts, on the real, I am shackled to their schedule y ya! That's that.

* I don't mind being bossed around by them, for the most part. My heart's a little too soft for them. Mina's getting outta hand though because the world is hers! don't you know. Lately, she's been trying to leave the house every day wearing bright crimson lip stick. Papi ain't having it. I kinda don't mind it. 'Cause I'm a sucka for her!

* But I drew the line on Saturday. Mina and I were meeting people at a restaurant and after exiting and locking my car I heard clumpedy clump on the parking lot pavement. I turned to see that Mina had slipped on some silver, spike-heeled ankle boots that I had left in the car, and she was seriously trying to wear these out like nothing. I said, "Have you lost your mind?" And she shuffled back to the car to put her converse back on.

* This just in regarding triathlon training: Swimming can go F itself. Ug. I'm head over heels about cycling, of course, and I'm even liking the running ok - que sorpresa! - but the swimming? Ug. It can jump in a lake. And swim itself. I ain't diggin the swimming, y'all, and I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger. I mean, if you call being mediocre competitive. I'm trying to figure out a way to swap out the triathlon for a cycling event instead without looking like a punk-quitter. Punk this, Swimming!

* I've been writing. Writing on the real. I finished a story. I'm over the moon about this. Thanks to all of you for your ridiculous encouragement. Seriously.

* I'm almost done with my second nutritionist's class, Traditional Naturopathy. After my next test, I have to do a project! Like, write a paper and stuff. Awesome.

* Husband recently said, "Holy, you're efficient with time." I beamed about that, but then realized I'm anally efficient. I'm close to having a problem. Like, I'm boiling water and soaking almonds and loading the computer while taking down the trash and laundry on the way to walk the dogs and making a biz call and signing a school note efficient. It's all calculated and planned so every minute fits together like a puzzle. And I have to write every single thing down or I forget the second the minute hand clicks on something else. In fact, I better write down to examine this problem a little more when I have time because am I present during 75% of what I'm doing? Who cares! I get a shit load done!

* What were we talking about?

* Happy Monday.


DJ said...

That anal efficiency - my mother has that too, I covet that! And so glad you finished a story... when can we all see it?!!

Michael B. said...

After reading the last bullet, I had to go check your birthday. Just as I suspected, another Virgo! We're everywhere!

Re: #5- :D I'd love to see it... I'm always excited when my RSS tells me you have a new post. You really have a gift.

Rebel Girl said...

you applying for squaw?

can I see the story?

madness rivera said...

Yup, applying for Squaw. I'll email you in the morning.

nec said...

I'm so glad you are writing elsewhere - you really do have a gift!

I passed through LA last week on my way to N.CA. I stopped at The Great Wall and took lots of photos. It was great. Thanks so much for sharing that story!

madness rivera said...

Yay for crazy Virgos and anal efficiency!

Thanks everybody re: the story. Not sure if I'm ready to share yet. And I'm using it to apply for a summer writing workshop this year. I'm sure they'll tell me whether it's ready or not . . .yikes!

Awesome Nec - so glad you saw The Wall in person. I hope it lived up to expectations.

j-boo said...

Ha ha - what a cute post! You are so fantastic!

I am so proud of you for so many reasons: triathlon training, finishing your story, nutritional class, being an amazing mom, and being uber-efficient (which is a good thing, btw). Simply put, you rock!

Love ya, Jinxi