Saturday, June 07, 2008

Photo Journaling y Nude June

I love when I turn on my camera and find photos that the girls have taken without my knowledge. Mina is the most notorious champion of this. I stared at this photo for a long time. I think it's really beautiful.

I tried to take pictures of me riding my bike. I'm not sure why I thought that would be easy/easier. This is as good as it got. I was riding to my Kick My Core's Ass Class.

The girls painted the dogs' nails. Carmen was the most willing participant. She picked that blue color. Maya held up two colors and Carmen sniffed blue. Blue it was. Hmm, not sure why it came out sideways, but there you go. Then the dogs got massages. Doggie Spa Day! I heard Mina say from the patio, "Hey, look. I'm giving Lupe one of these kinds of massages." I thought, Uhoh, but then saw this. I laughed for about five minutes. Here's another random, guerrilla photo this time taken by Maya. She was trying to get a picture of her Interview Outfit. At school, professionals from the community came into their classrooms last week to interview the seventh grades about what constitutes a worthwhile life. Questions like: How are you living your life in a worth while manner? What famous person leads a worthwhile life in your opinion? What non-famous person? I was the lucky answer to that one. She told the business woman that I was constantly trying to make their lives better, that she wanted to be like me. I'm choked up just typing that. So the kids had to wear what Maya calls "fancy clothes" as if they were going on a real job interview, and we realized she had no fancy clothes; not one dress or skirt or pair of slacks hung in her closet. (Man, I love that word: Sl-acks.) We went to Old Navy and got this number. Oh, and she got glasses last week. Glasses to see the board at school. I told Husband that we have one daughter who can't hear and one who can't see. Husband said, "And you can't do either." Touche, Mr. Rivera! I'm sorry for my weak-ass genes, girls. (Dang, Maya's pretty.)
Hey, it's Nude June over at Self Portrait Challenge. I'm digging that. Not so much so I can put my naked ass on the Net, but I find it provocative and interesting in a scary way. During the first week most of the participants nervously rambled about their trepidation doing this. Many said they couldn't. Some posted really nice photos, if not safe ones. That's an awakening for me. I think we would all probably cringe initially at this, but the challenge seems mostly about getting past that uncomfortableness and getting to a place where we find our bodies artistic and beautiful. I'm down with that. I'm double dog daring myself to push my limits on this. I'm mean, don't expect any vagina-as-a-flower shots or anything, but if I can get an interesting photo at the edge of my nakedness then let's do this! I didn't think to check into June's challenge until Tuesday, the usual day to post the entry for the week. I scrambled and posted the new back tat photo. I feel it was a mere warming up. No limits were tested here considering I had posted this photo without any egging on from a challenge or dare.

Happy Weekend. I'll talk to you later.


Kristin C. said...

I love Lupe getting the "Hot Stone" massage...and you thought it was going to be dirty!

Hil The Thrill said...

I had to call my mother into the room and show her the dog getting the hot stone treatment. How funny! Only in california! LOL! xoxo, hil