Monday, March 31, 2008

Jonathan Makes a Very Good Point

My friend Jonathan commented that I have not once mentioned the March Madness basketball tournament with which I am usually obsessed . . .but believe me, I'm crazed as usual. This is a very sacred and busy time of year for me.

I run the biggest college basketball pool in my industry -- a record 82 people in this year! -- and the tournament is in its climactic throes; just now the final fours have been set. I even sucka'ed my good blogger friend Melinda to participate in the pool for the second year. She's a hoops fan too even if she's too loyal to sentimental favorites. We have a good side bet at stake which shall be revealed at the end of the tournament.

In any event, Jonathan, and friends, I try to keep my basketball commentary strictly for the poolers, and others obsessed with march madness. We geek out hard with continuous basketball speak that, I think, tends to bore normal people. I attended two BBQ's this weekend. Both events were scheduled at precisely tip-off time . . . grrr. I baked for both in the morning, arrived at the BBQ's, presented said baked goods and made small chat. Then I made Husband ask if we could put the games on . . . Maybe that was rude, but I brought baked goods! And made small talk . . .does that mean I have to miss Davidson almost smiting the mighty goliath of Kansas? It's hard to tell right now. My judgement is clouded by hoops.


Melinda said...

Digger Phelps 4evah.

Jonathan K. Cohen said...

I don't think anyone's asking you to keep up a running technical commentary on the tournament, but one or two posts, giving a sense of local color and what is at stake this year, would not come amiss. After all, every year, the Wall Street Journal sends someone to the MLA to write their ostensibly-humorous article on academic jargon.

CWrites said...


I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE your blog!! I feel like I stumbled upon it for a reason. I have recently decided to take up vegan baking. I've always loved baked goods and I have tried many and have decided to start making my own so your blog is right on time and I feel a further confirmation of my plans! I already feel a connection to baking and I haven't even begun yet!

I also lived in L.A. for eight years and will most likely be moving back there in a year or so.

Reading about your love of baking and what you have done so far has further inspired me. I am going to start this weekend as my 32 b-day approaches on Monday. I wish you and your family the best continually. I will be adding you to my blogroll on my vegan site;!

Take care!

madness rivera said...

Hi Cwrites, thanks so much for the great comment. Can't wait to see what you make for you bday. I'll come check you out on your site.