Monday, February 25, 2008

self portrait tuesday - blue series #2

At my 40th bday last August. More blue portraits here.

So, I jetted out of the house this morning before six, in the dark, to hit the local coffee spot before I started the long commute to The Job. The main street near my house is small-town quaint and in the predawn it was precious and dormant still. But when I opened the doors to the coffee spot, it was like entering a night club. Such a commotion of conversation, many of the chairs filled; a local biking club geared up in blue and white spandex and cleats chugging down espressos before they yelled out, Let's Ride! I gave the barista my order and asked, "It is six in the morning, yes?" We had this conversation in New York, about how NY'ers live late and CA'ians start early. But this was ridiculous.

I hit the highway to the debut of the day. Bold, melon-colored stripes cut across budding blue in a Look At Me kind of way, and I responded. I'm a great audience for a new day. There's something about the privacy of dawn that makes me gush over almost anything presented to me in that vacuum. I blasted Raising Sand, which we've been discussing over at Maven's Place. I tried to think how I could put Dawn on a cake. It all goes back to cake. Listen, I built a site solely for Rivera Baking. Check that out regularly here.

Incidentally, I felt like a million bucks in that photo above. That's not hard to tell. Fancy, I was, and I ain't mad at the occasional fanciness. No ma'am.

Speaking of sassy, I saw Viggo Mortensen on Wilshire Boulevard a week or so ago. He was within conversational distance, about ten feet away, getting into an old Ford truck wearing scruffy clothes and a short beard. We caught eyes. I like to say we had a nanosecond, but he looked more surprised that I recognized him in his Regular Guy disguise. He was extremely bad-ass handsome. When I told Mandy about it she said, "You didn't hop into the passenger side of the truck?" I said, "I had the kids with me." "Well, next time," she said.

The LA Marathon is Sunday. I had a terrible dream the night before last that I was trying to get out of it. I woke up nervous for the first time about it all. I took my last long walk on Sunday along the ocean, a mile so was dipped in pre-spring showers. I felt pretty good, but wondered what exactly had I gotten myself into. I finish what I start, though. Eesh. As far as the initiative is going, I believe we will make the number of signatures by the skin of our teeth. It's ridiculously tight, but god bless the people at Californians for Humane Farms as they are still feverishly counting away in these last few days. If you'd still like to send in a lil' marathon sponsorship, email me at, but mainly send me your thoughts on Sunday morning to push me to the finish.


LeS said...

Everything about this post is exciting. I feel like I was with you in that crazy coffee shop and on the ride to work. I WISH I was with you when you saw that delicious man. But mostly I want to say that you are awesome and you will kick booty on Sunday. Go, gorgeous one, go!

kristen said...

I was wondering about the route of the LA Marathon last weekend...I know you'll rock it, girl.

Viggo is dreamy with a capital D, especially getting into an old truck.

My friend and I have this rating system for star sightings: first it's who you saw and then the circumstances. For instance, Jackie Chan in Soho, wearing a three piece suit. Pretty good. Viggo in scruff clothes and an old truck in LA...golden.

The other site is pure money sister, I'm quite convinced we'll be hearing a whole lot more about that. xo

Rebekah said...

That dress is beautiful on you, and that tattoo is stellar!!

geek-betty said...

you LOOKED like a million bucks!

Rebel Girl said...

I saw Viggo once when I worked at BB and he was dropping off something for some benefit - we were in a meeting and the whole conversation just came to a stop. We stared. Someone finally said something like, thanks. He smiled. We swooned. It happens.

madness rivera said...

Thanks LeS!

Kristen, I would love to see Jackie C in a three piece suit! But not over Viggo.

Thanks so much Rebekah and Geek-Betty.

Yikes Rebel. I woulda acted the fool in that situation.

Marigoldie said...

Dawn on a cake!

julie hasson said...

What a great photo. You look so happy.

I'm in awe that you're running the LA marathon. You rock! We used to go and root friends on, but never thought about running it ourselves.

On a different note, I think you might have gone to high school with my sister.

madness rivera said...

Thanks Julie. Well, I'm walking the marathon. I think I'd croak if I tried to run it. But still . . .I'm nervous.

I'm coming over to your blog to find out who your sister is!

julie hasson said...
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hollibobolli said...

you look beautiful - absolutely stunning. and your tattoo - wow.

julie hasson said...

Oops, I accidentally deleted my comment.

madness rivera said...

Thanks so much hollibobolli