Monday, January 28, 2008

40 Things To Do in 2008

I guess I should've written this after my fortieth birthday, but whatever. I'm ganking this list from hulaseventy. I'm writing this post to myself, really, because I miss a long, possibly-boring-to-others list. It makes me feel organized. And hopeful. God knows I'm always trying to score more of that.

Here we go . . .

1. Bake more for good causes
2. Get the full-back tattoo finished
3. Begin raising a teenager
4. Design and sew my own aprons
5. Score a sewing machine
6. Oh yea, learn how to use a sewing machine (This is the year, I know it!)
7. Teach the girls how to sew
8. Hire a housecleaning service every other week. I'm sick of scrubbing floors too.
9. Volunteer at Animal Acres shoveling stalls
10. Walk a marathon!
11. Bake more bread
12. Read a book, maybe? Four this year? I can't tell if that's underachieving or overachieving
13. Write fiction five hours a week
14. Go to San Francisco to see Betsy in the spring or summer
15. Cook more from scratch
16. Learn every tree in Santa Monica
17. Bake for a wedding
18. Get Mr. Mario a friend. Or maybe this friend
19. Print this list out and remember to read it; daily might be good
20. Candy Meyer lemon slices
21. Have coffee/dinner with my friends more, without children
22. Take a weekend trip with Husband to somewhere we've never been
23. Submit two stories for publication
24. I finish what I start
25. Have the whole family go by train to visit Grandma Carmen
26. Plug into my iPod when Husband wants to watch stupid TV shows -- I don't have to watch!
27. Enjoy the things that I actually really like about my day job
28. Annihilate debt
29 Get my good knives sharpened at least every other month - makes a huge difference
30. Successfully predict this year's college hoops champion for my own March Madness pool (This is the year, I know it!)
31. Get a pedicure now and again?
32. Finally take the girls to the renovated and fantastic Griffith Observatory.
33. Work on strength
34. Dude, stretch
35. Resume self portrait tuesdays
36. Try a lil guerrilla art. (Stolen right off of hula seventy's list.)
37. Get up early, go to bed late. Screw it. How else am I gonna squeeze my stuff in?
38. Stay patient
39. Volunteer for Mina's classroom
40. Don't give up on nothin'


kristen said...

i love reading lists, especially when they aren't my own.

i'm going to the griffith observatory this february when we visit. we need to go somewhere other than the california science center, (which i love), but have already visited 2x this year.

Rebel Girl said...


We're taking the boy to the observatory for his birthday this spring.

and yeah - guerilla art - go for it. Make the world ours, not theirs.


LeS said...

huzzah to it ALL mama!

and all of that new ink is are giving me the itch to get more :)

andrea said...

ahhh, I love this. I love this.

Emilie said...

This is awesome inspiration. I'm going to write my list of things to do this year. 28 doable rockable wonderful things, one of which is go to NYC with someone awesome and bake a lot of good stuff. And then I'm gonna check that shit off in two weeks! Holla~!

Lisa said...

that's funny because i'd hire a cleaning service to shovel the stalls. =)

madness rivera said...

Thanks, my ladies.

HA! I know Lisa, that did look funny back to back. Shovelin' I'd only have to do maybe twice a year. The house is always nagging for more polish.

Oh man, Em, I was gonna add that to my list too, but I chicken shitted it because . . .I don't even know why. I want to post about it after and be like BAM! Look what we did. Super Holla! NYC ya yo vengo! Oh, and I was gonna put go apple picking for the first time too . . .maybe I need to revise this already.

degan said...

awesome. good luck with it!