Monday, December 03, 2007

Holidays Or Bust

I've decided to be all about the holidays all month long. Just get drunk off of Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey Christmas CD's, maybe don a holiday sweater. And hat. A flashing broach. Watch Elf and Scrooged, and bake things with colored sprinkles. Maybe it will seem a bit maniacal. What of it? I don't feel like capping the raging holiday spirit that's abrewin' this year. And I'm bringing all my people with me on this crazy all-out celebration.

On the second day of Christmas, we decorated the tree, took the holiday-card photo and made a holiday iPod playlist. Maya tolerated my Dave Matthews and Aaron Neville song selections. She even forbade Mina to fast forward Dave Matthews whispering loudly, "Mina, no. That's mami's man." I nodded. Then we moshed about the living room to No Doubt's Oi to the World. The children are down with the all-December holidayathon.

I couldn't get enough of these back lit photos of the girls. Finally they said, "Mami, we can't decorate this side of the tree any more."

Trying to get the holiday-card photo is always fun. The dogs were killing me though. They love to be cradled like the babies that they are, but couldn't they look a teeny more lively? Dang. They're lucky I didn't make them wear the Santa gear.

Wake up, puppies!

Now Lupe's eyeballin me. Maya glows though, doesn't she?

Here's the other beauty. (Hello? Carmen, over here.)

Here's the final cut for our 2007 card. Ah man, a shot to remember, huh? Today's my lucky day, again. It's my new daily grace. That and Happy Holidays Goddamnit!


Deezee said...

that card is too damn cute. are you available for hire for holiday cupcakes??

kristen said...

nice photo, everyone looks so cute!

how are you going to do the card thing? do you do one of those ones that are pre-made? i've got the picture but couldn't find cards to mount to and now i'm not sure what to do. sigh.

madness rivera said...

Uh, hell yea, Deezee. Email me if you need something.

Hey Kristen, I use They are fast and cheap(er). Actually, once you order something from them (highly recommend for your future biz cards), they'll email you sick ofters from there. But that's the only drawback with them, the f'ing emails. Anyway, I'll have the cards 7 days from ordering. They do postcard-types too.

jennifer said...

i love the idea of celebrating all month long! i need to find the spirit... tomorrow night we get our tree. that'll kick off the season. love the photo of the girls.

Joy Madison said...

love your final photo!!!

Emilie said...

oh damn, you infected me with holiday spirit from afar! such beautiful pictures of the girls and the tree--love it.

i think we're going to build our tree out of books this year since we're going to have christmas in the apartment rather than "at home" (ie parent's house). just trying to figure out what the top book should be...some many contenders.

madness rivera said...

Thanks Jennifer and Joy.
And oh! Emilie, the girls and I were thrilled at the idea of a book tree. Can't wait to see photos of that.

Laume said...

Gawd, your kids are growing like weeds! Beautiful kickass precious wild women weeds! It makes me all misty eyed. Sigh. I'm not the only one caught up in the winds of time.

The puppies - animals are so tough to photograph. If I try to get my feline or canine's attention, they just want to come sit on me and head straight for the lens. And it's hard to sneak up on their cuteness. But pugs are just naturally cute even when they're just being squished in-arms so that makes it a little easier for you. Tightly held cats just look ANNOYED. And we can't hold twelve cats and two dogs anyway.

Marigoldie said...

These are all so great but I really dig those silhouette shots, 'specially that first one of Maya.