Wednesday, October 17, 2007

She's Crafty

With my internet down for three days I managed to bake enough things to feed a population of third and seventh graders; and make these nifty cupcake earrings to the left there, and I came up with a plan for world peace. The peace plan involves baking. The earrings on the other hand are our idea for this year's Tae Kwon Do fundraising scheme. With Mina now competing and Maya training more, the expenditure is . . .well, it's worth it, but high nonetheless. Tournament session has started for us and we recently found out that next February's U.S. Open (one of Maya's biggest international tournaments of the year) will be held in New Orleans. I'm' excited about the experience. Earlier this year, if you remember, we had a tough run at this very same U.S. Open in Orlando.

Initially, I just made the earrings for myself. I was coveting all the sweet cupcake stuff I had seen on Flickr. I just decided to make some stuff myself, since the internet was down and all. When the girls saw the earrings, they threatened me with violence if I didn't make them some too; then at school all their homies wanted some --immediately! So, the fundraising idea kind of created itself. It's accidentally brilliant, I suppose.

I made these too:
I've been practicing fondant roses for the Dia de los Muertos cupcakes I plan to knock out of the ball park. We're throwing a DdlM/Halloween party in a couple weeks and I've been planning for a month to bake spectacular cuppers. Anyway, it kind of made sense to make the roses out of clay for earrings too. Maya stole these from me this morning.


rita said...

Oooooh I want some dia de los muertos earrings! Those are so cute! Are you selling those too?

madness rivera said...

Hi Rita, why, yes, yes I am. Those are part of the fundraiser too. Email me and we'll talk details!
Thanks so much!