Saturday, September 01, 2007

Let's Get This Party Started

We just got back from NY last night, but before I get all into that I wanted to post more pictures from the party. Mina is a great photographer and there are not a lot of things more fun than viewing her pictures at night's end after I've told her to have at it.

Here's the official corsage pinning ceremony pre party:

Hey, check out my three-tiered vegan cake from Manni's Bakery. This was Ma's birthday present to me, like organizing the party wasn't enough. It was chocolate with white frosting on the bottom, carrot cake in the middle and apple cake on top. The chocolate was ok. I've made better. I heard the carrot cake was really good, but I didn't have any. I took the whole top part home and ate apple cake for breakfast. It was great. I learned later that apple cake is Manni's specialty.

Flanked by beauties, Maya and Ma.
Here's a picture of my friend Barry the Photographer. Mina and he snapped pictures of each other at the same time, and some a little staggered, like dueling cameras. I love this one:
Here's how Barry's came out:

Irma, Me and Betsy. Can't go wrong with a boa.

Lovely Quaniesha:

I love this pic too. Mina capturing Barry at work, and a bit of the crowd conversation.

Here are a few pictures taken by Barry. Titi Jen giving the quick lesson:

There's no better picture than this one. I now have documentation that Husband has the salsa bug.

Mandy, Melissa and Mina. Mandy and Melissa were voted best dressed for prom night.

While cutting the cake, one of our wise ass friends yelled out, "Cougar!" which was hilarious. I had to strike the cougar pose since I am now officially a member, apparently

Ooo, but cougar got back:

Mina took this photo of her and Maya's TaeKwonDo coach cuttin' a rug with me. He's Brazilian and if he hears music -- even senses that it's playing somewhere, anywhere -- this man has to dance. Notice Mandy and I side-bar screaming at each other. This is why Mina's so good.

Maya's turn to dance with Master N. So sweet. By the way, Maya is turning into an excellent salserita.

Mina's great portrait of our neighbor John.

Mina packed it in an hour before the party ended. Pulled up some chairs and a pillow and slept through the rest.
There are many more photos, but Barry's working on them. Just wanted to throw you a little evidence that we did our finest jobs to having a good time.


Maven said...

You=hot to death.

Melinda said...

I'm jealous. I wish I had been there.

And do my eyes deceive me, or was Mina rocking a white fingerless glove circa 1983?

Marigoldie said...

Oh yeah. How awesome that Mina was your photog.

And you made the right decision with that dress!

olympiaway said...

i like the cougar shot a la "little miss sunshine." was rick james in the house?

Jenn said...

Damn, you are HOT! Looks like you need to turn 40 every year. . .it looks FABULOUS on you.

Emilie said...

Hott party!! Wish I could have been there, it looks absolutely perfect. The dress was a good call, it's amazing on you. Love the way it lets the new tat be on beautiful display.

Oh, the cake! The cake!!

angela said...

Looks like a blast! I think I need to steal this idea for my 40th in a couple of years...unfortunately I wouldn't look half as good as you and I doubt my husband would even dance with me. What a gem your husband is. Love that last picture of Mina...the sweetness of it gave me goosebumps. And what a photographer, huh? Maybe you've got a future Tara Whitney there. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

madness rivera said...

Thank you everybody! Yea, me and 40 shook hands, demi-hugged and we're genuinely cool with each other.

Yes! Melinda that is a Madonna glove on Mina's lil hand. Maya had a black one. They wanted to rock the ancient 80's look.

Angela, girl, you are the goddess of your own world and of course you will just as great. Think no less! I never in a million years thought my husband would do something like that so don't count your man out yet. They soften with age.

andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! oh, I wish I could've been there. I wish I wish I wish. I had my outfit all picked out, you know. and ward's too because I was hoping for a miracle. but lookit, your prom was a million shades of marvelous, even without us there. and you look GORGEOUS. seriously, danette. stunning.

happy, happy birthday, friend. miss you! xo