Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lazy Friday D Day

I kinda stole this meme --that didn't start as a meme -- from Angela and Deb. You gotta answer each question with the first letter of your name.

Your name: Starts with a D, think D-Nice, D-licious and so forth
A type of tree or shrub: Dogwood
Something an astronaut would study: uh, diagnostics of the chromospheric excitation balance in cool dwarfs -- I dunno . . .
Eight-letter word: delights
A sports team (any sport): Ducks of Anaheim
A character in movie or play: D'Artagnan, the fourth musketeer, which incidentally would have been my name if I were born a boy. I suggested the name when I was pregnant, both times. Maya, had she been a boy, would have gotten the name. Husband said -- and I'm paraphrasing, OHHELLNO to the name if Mina had been a boy. I was built to raise great women anyway.
A nickname (or endearment) for someone you like: DookieStick. We call Maya this sometimes. Mina we'd call RaeRae. So, it was RaeRae and Dookiestick, which we completely stole from a Method Man interview. That's what he calls his kids. But then a friend had a baby named Rae and we had to call her RaeRae instead. We call Mina Buttabutt instead now.
Something you’d take to a picnic: date
A reason someone might get an award, medal, or trophy: dismount, sticking it
A Country: Dominican Republic
Something that could get you arrested: domestic abuse
A Song Title: Do Your Ears Hang Low?
An Artist (painter, photographer, etc):Diebenkorn
A Reason to stay home from Work or School: ditch day!
Something you’d see at a Zoo: dingo
A Snack: Dagoba chocolate
A Character in a Book: Daisy from the Great Gatsby
Something Icky: diarrhea
A Six-letter Word: decree
Something Breakable: driveshaft
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Dr. Pepper
4 letter word: dick
Vehicle: DeLorean
TV Show: Dancing with the Stars!
Movie: Deconstructing Harry
City: Daly City, CA
Alcoholic drink: Drambuie. I learned about Drambuie when I took Mama Luz out dancing once and she ordered a Rusty Nail. I sampled it with a sip and was instantly tipsy. Mama Luz then complained to the barkeep that it was light on whiskey and had another shot added. One whiff and I was hammered. It was a good-tasting drink though.
Occupation: door-to-door vacuum salesperson
Something you wear: dashiki
Celebrity: David Duchovny
Something found in a kitchen: dill
Cartoon Character: Daffy
Something you whisper: dame mas . . .

Happy Friday.


acumamakiki said...

I got this one on my blog but I missed a few questions that you've got. Cool answers. I've always liked the word dick.

angela said...

way to work great gatsby in there!
loved reading these answers :)