Friday, March 17, 2006

I Got Nothing But Ball On The Brain

You may have read in my profile that I'm a huge college hoops fan. Some of you may have read that and thought, That's cute. Or, That's Cool. But I don't think you guys really understand the obsession. It really isn't apparent until March of every year. I even forget myself until I'm sucked under the riptide that is March Madness. Around this time, when the NCAA championships begin, I pretty much think of nothing else. If it's not about some buzzer beater or underdog upset, I'm barely paying attention. If someone isn't calling me to talk shit about a big-name college falling to a tiny nobody, I don't wanna talk. At work, I have scores up and refreshin'. I've got the radio and online games a goin'. My daughters listen to snarky sports radio on the way to school and they snuggle with their bedtime stories as I watch night games with one eye on the TV as I dryly read a book called Hooway for Wodney Wat. Midsentence, I blurt out obscenities at players or I'll WHOOP ecstatically at an impossible play, and the girls understand. Husband is right there cursin and whoopin with me.

I also run a huginic march madenss pool. Ninth year running, and I have sixty-nine poolers this year. This pool was my first blog in ways because after each round of games, I'd email all the participants with long commentaries that I forced them to read. It was extreme, forceful blogging. Here, I wait patiently for comments. With the pool commentaries I'm like, Did you read it? Huh? Huh? COMEONE, Let's talk basketball! This year, I've actually started a real live blog for the poolers. It's called The Pool Dominatrix and, yo, double blogging on my schedule is BIZNATCH in a wildly exciting way. I feel like I'm movin' and a shakin' 18 hours a day. Anyway, check out my alter ego, Pool Domi if you feel so inclined.

No photo booth Friday today though it really did cross my mind to run to the theater booth and spin a basketball on my finger. Couldn't fit into the 18hour movin and shakin schedule. Maybe next Friday.


Melinda said...

I KNOW!! I'm a Hoosier - we eat this shit up like it's Christmas dinner. The husband and I watched the CBS coverage last night -- I totally agree with your assessment of Adam Morrison. What was he ON, with the head-slapping and fist-waving? Love it. I think Gonzaga is my team of choice in the tourney.

So... where do you stand on Duke? Evil empire, or heralders of joy?

madness rivera said...

GOD BLESS MELINDA. Uh, hate duke. I commented to the poolers before the tourney started that JJ puts the dick in Redick. Also, I love rooting against the number one seeds. Boy, your Hoosiers just made, man. M - go talk shit on the pool dominatrix site!

Green Whale said...

Your are crazy, D, you're not kidding about being Madorganica. And I love it. I don't get excited about sports at all (hope you still like me :)) but I love watching you do it because you're so funny and so passionate and so perceptive.

acumamakiki said...

i would have loved to see THAT photo. i don't share the love but i see it sweeping through every year.

andrea said...

homegirl, can you spin a basketball on your finger for real? I am so impressed. growing up, I loved to watch my dad spin basketballs on his fingers, I thought it was the coolest thing EVER. and I tried to learn how to do it too. no such luck.

what is it about duke? they are always all up in that piece every single year. I used to root for them because that's where I attended the american dance festival for two summers in a row. I felt (in some strange way) that it was like my alma mater. but I like to root for the underdog too much and they seem to be very much the opposite of that, ha.

I do drive around with a duke sticker on my car, though. that stirs it up this time of year, that's for sure-- people feel passionately about duke, there's no riding the fence on that one, yo.