Thursday, January 14, 2010

Girls Basketball Fundraiser

I'm going to run The Malibu Creek 10K Trail Run on March 7 to raise money for Maya's high school girls basketball program. Please read my previous post about how we parents and our athletes have to raise every penny for our teams. Details of the run are here. Looks fun, right?

Twenty-five years ago, I came out of the same girls basketball program that Maya plays in now. We weren't any good then. We got no respect, as a program. We played to empty, make-shift stands in the south gym. We played in shoddy uni's. We had nothing. The only time we made it to CIF's, we played Crenshaw first round, who I believe won state that year. When we walked into their gym, they asked, "Where's the basketball team?"

I watched the varsity girls play last night in a sick battle against our rival, Inglewood where our star senior took over by the fourth quarter, and we won to screams and yelling and clapping and competitive cheer squads trying to out-do each other. The wooden, north-gym stands were full. The UCLA head coach was there, taking notes. Cheerleaders made an alley way for our girl athletes to run down when their names were announced! They had warmups with their names on the back. It was a sight, I tell you. Nobody would ever ask Where's the basketball team when they entered anywhere and that's largely because they are branded now, marketed; they are announced and looked up to. I'm gushing over this. I'm not jealous or wish-I-had-it in the least. I know I helped pave the way. In any event, all this branding -- not mention the basics -- takes money, which is tough on us, but I'll do more than my part to make sure our girl athletes are kept on this pedestal. Not many remember what it used to be like for us old girl ballers at Samo High. The thought of regressing back to that level is not the main reason that motivates me to keep this program thriving though. Even though we had nothing, those times were still, by far, my favorite of high school; of my teenage years period. And of course, I'm still BFF with Betsy, who was on the team too.

If our 2010 varsity team makes state this year, that would be sick. If Maya, after three years, gets noticed by college teams, that would be beyond great. But honestly if at the very least she participates and contributes to a team and learns a lot about herself as a teammate, a friend, an athlete, as a strong young woman; if she burns best-time memories with her sisters, it will be worth every penny I'm about to scrounge and beg for.

Let the begging begin.

Please clickety-click the button in the upper, left column of the blog (above my profile) and help how you can. I absolutely know what kind of times these are. Any bit helps. I also understand if you can't.

If you don't want to go through PayPal, make checks out to Samo High Girls Basketball and email me at mamirivera1 (at) yahoo (dot) dom, and I'll give you my address.

Thanks so much, friends, and many season updates to follow.


lagata said...

You rock. I admire you for so many things - one of which is your parenting. Look for my contribution via paypal.


Madame One Tree said...

You will be hearing from me one way or t'other.

Rebel Girl said...

Address please!